Some Dominating Braid Hairstyles

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We all are very concerned regarding our personal looks, professional career and physical grooming.  What is popular today becomes obsolete in few weeks or maybe bit before. Whether it is clothing or dressing, New Year is going to bring in new fashion trends and when we talk about trends, we talk about hairstyles, makeup, clothes, shoes, and everything that is related to fashion. Now a big question is what type of hairstyles will dominate in 2016 and what would be the best braids. It’s too early to speculate on fashion, trend and style, but we can still make a rough guess.

All ladies, including me, are just figuring out as what would be best styles and what type of new variations will be discovered this year. So let’s get our hands down to those haircuts and those hairstyles which may continue to dominate 2016 even though they have been seen several times last night.

Unique braids: A woman always thinks that braid is a best bet for her whether she is to attend a party, a formal meeting or a special occasion. Braids have seen so many changes over the course of few years- by showing several variations of twisted fishtails and twisted box braids, ladies have proven that the term hairstyling is not just limited to few haircuts we already know. The specialty of braids is their versatility; you can weave hair in different orders to make it look nicer and finer.  Some famous examples of  dominating braids are as follows:


It has covered the entire back of the head. It’s like stacking of braided loops in an order.

dominating dutch braid idea

Inspirational braids:  The only thing our mother knew about ponytail was those two pigtails that would be decorated with ribbons. Oh, now those days are gone when two pigtails were worn by school and college girls. Time has changed a lot since then, now we have many types of ponytail hair designs such as twisted ponytail and ponytail with a bow or tie in the middle.

Be a flower girl


Chalking can help in highlighting the pattern of the hair loops.


The slightly raised updo is good for parties, good thing is no back combing needs to be done for it.fishtail-with-classy-hair-do

Versatile and dominating braids for short and long hair : No matter what your hair length is and no matter how fine or weak your hair is, there is always a good hairstyle for you and it’s called bang hairstyle. Braids are nothing but processed layered of hair strands which are tamed with different hairstyling products prior to styling. Wax is applied to the hair and then it is conditioned a bit more before blow drying or curling.

Very cute bow braid, I love the way the tie is done.

dominating bow braid

It is something you have seen before, the new change is the curls perhaps.


Dutch bone braid.
dominating dutch braid for girls

Love this simple braid with intricate intertwining of the hair loops.


Upside down is known as the most trendy braid of the time now.


These are just few braid ideas, I will have more in the coming days so stay tuned.



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