Dotwork Tattoo Design Ideas

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There are many types of dotwork tattoo designs; they are being adored by tattoo lovers these days for the uniqueness of the designs. The designs are creative because there is a lot of handwork involved, usually all other tattoos are created by using machine guns and simple designing machines, but in the dotwork art the design is created both manually and through the machine.

Here are few features of all contemporary dotwork tattoo design ideas:

Fillings inside the designs; sometimes the outer lining or outline is created using the machine, such as some geometrical art designs and 3D shapes and sculptures. The Mandala is one of many dotwork designs these d

The dots are applied to the skin directly for filling the designs of the figure. The dotting is done within the flower petals as filling.

For creating shades in dotwork tattoo design ideas:

The hand-poked dotting is done for creating the shade in a sketch or tattoo where artistic work is required to give a new feel and dimension. Sometimes the optical delusional is created through the technique.

Pointalism of dots: The method is used to create a design completely from the scratch. The points are done on the design to complete it in size, shape and of course in the finish.

Dotwork all the way along: In this technique the entire design is done manually from start to the end. The tiny or micro designs make a complete sketch or design.

The  smudging technique: You might have heard of it many times, a special machine is used for this artwork in which a tool sprays the ink on the design, creating a smudging effect. Multiple layers of the smudges create a dark black design.

The collection which I have made on dotwork tattoo design ideas will help you decide your black work marking just in case you are looking for a mature craft that is free of colors and animations.

The small dimensional cubes

The design is simple but very meaningful, you can see some cubed on the upper side which are creating some kind of illusion, the black work is done in nice shapes, there are also some floral patterns inside it and some starts, too if you review it closely.

dotwork shadding

Covering the entire arm trillion design

There is a flower mandala which might be a sign of life and its journey which is in a circle of course. You wake up in the morning and do all the things, it is a circle white there are some dark and light shades which refer to good and bad experiences and memories.
abstract dotwork tattooThe black rabbit done with pointed technique:

I particularly love the smudging technique on this rabbit, there is a kind of gradient which can be seen in different layers. The eye is small but well shaped. A hand patting the animal in love and affection.

blackwork rabbit tattoo

The web of black Pentagonal cells

The blackwork is condensed in the center at the spot of column vertebrae and is done in different arrangements throughout the body, you see it being started as small dots and then spreading through out the body for creating illusion.

dotwork blackwork tattoo designs

The start shaped mandalas with central black artwork:

These two mandala designs are referring to two different worlds, one we are living here and one that is still to come- perhaps it would be the judgment day. I love this dotartwork design and I hope you will like it too.

dotwork blackwork tattoo on arm

Mandala in a tribal circle with feathers

The cool smudging technique has lent this design a wonderful ancient effect and it’s kind of unique itself for being artistic.

dotwork dreamcatcher tattoo

Mandala with red dotted beats around the ear

To make this design this much prominent you need to get your side head shaved like this guy. The design is simple yet very nice, if you are not comfortable in getting it done on the face you can have it done on arm or wrist.

dotwork tattoo face men

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