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Have you been thinking about dreadlocks for a long time but are afraid it might take a lot of time to achieve the hairdo? Have you been saving some money ever since you heard that the making cost of a dread lock hairstyle would cost you up to 500 to 1000 dollars?¬† If so, you needn’t perplex yourself anymore with the cost of the hairdo because you can do it at home by using a simple method known as interlocking the hair strands. Through a simple technique of latch hooking the hair you can easily support beautiful dreads without having to waste so much money on the making.

On the other hand, if you think that you are naive in this regard and don’t have experience to get a stable dreadlocks hairdo on your frizzy or silky hair, it’s important to decide which other method is to be relied upon to achieve the look.

There are several methods for creating dreadlocks but three techniques are very popular these days such as;

Twisting and Ripping: Informally it is also called ‘Twist and Ripping’ a way used to create dreads on long Asian hair. There is a lot of pulling and friction involved in the method, the hair roots are rubbed gradually along the process for easy grabbing. When hair roots are rubbed section wise, they become more accessible for hairstyling since all individual hair sections become visible. Support, you have parted your hair in two, from the middle, the next step would be palm rolling a section of hair in half lengthwise and then forming the dreads by pulling two ends apart in opposite direction. The hair would become messy at this point, but you need to keep up repeating the process up to other hair sections you have chosen for the dreads. When you will be done with the process, your hair is more likely to be tangled, but you needn’t worry about it right now. The tangles would remain there as long as you would support your dreadlocks. The technique is used to make dreadlocks at home.




Perming dread locks:

Before perming the hair,it is backcombed religiously. The hair is divided into three to four sections, the strands of each section are placed into curlers one by one. A chemical based perming gel or liquid gel is applied to the curled hair, it is further processed through palm rolling for creating lasting dreadlocks.

nice dreadlocks idea for white men



Interlocking dreads or Latching locks:

This one technique is very popular these days because it is a quick way of creating dreadlocks. For some the technique is as simple as using the crochet needle for weaving the hair from bottom to roots and for others it’s more like tangling your hair from bottom to top until a series of perfect dreads are entailed by the frequent movement of needles.
nice dreadlocks idea for white men
 Some want simple dreadlocks for not wanting to deal with the criticism that may raises when you are bit extraordinary in society others can go to extra length and get their hair shaved, died and even tattooed to be what they want be.

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