Dream catcher tattoos Ideas

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The dream catchers were said to have been first woven by the Anishinabe who believed it to have supernatural powers and could protect their children from bad dreams. Perhaps it worked seeing its spread beyond this native tribe to other parts of the world.

Arguably, the most popular Native American symbol, the dream catcher tattoo now comes in inks. What’s more, with its array of colour on parade, getting it is a knee jerk reaction.

The dream catcher generally consists of an oval or round shape inside which is a web. This simple design can then be augmented with numerous elements such as stones, jewels, feathers, paws, arrows and basically anything that suits your fancy. One of the best I’ve seen had peacock plumes for design.

While the web is the traditional element for the pattern, there is an increased use of animal elements. Lions, eagles, and bison are some of the animals popularly found. The circle which houses the elements can also be modified. The heart shape is a common illustration of this.

The dream catcher tattoo is a unique one and if you’re looking for an eye-catching thing of beauty, then this tattoo is for you.If you’re still hesitating on its acquisition, Miley Cyrus thinks getting one is a no brainer with the one on her rib cage.

Here are some cool dream catcher tattoos ideas for those girls who want to get rid of bad dreams without having to take medications for a good sleep.

Just in case you need a big dream catcher to control your sleep, here is one for you. It has a big circle with an adjacent short circle, it will cure you for sure.

dream catcher tattoo with colorful feathers

A lot of black feathers will help through the rage and agony in a long run.

dream catcher tatoo ideas

Combine some good texts and quotes to maximize the affect of dream catcher design. If you have faith in the power of the design you will feel relief.
dream catcher tattoo with text

The feathers are small, scattered here and there- it means let is float or flow out. The dream catcher is comprised of four circles which usually means you own your dreams now and nothing dark can suppress your mind ever.
dream catcher tatoo on rib cage

Here is a tribal dream catcher tattoo for those who need some uniqueness in the designs.

modern dream catcher tattoo

A cut one for the wrist. It is not taking much space.

small dream catcher wrist

Dual catchers for those who are suffering from bad dreams, depression and anxiety.

double dream catcher tattoo

Let everything bad get encircled and live your life the best way you can. You deserve to take control of your life.

dream catcher tattoo wrist

One cute circular dream catcher on foot, it is dark black and beautiful.

dream catcher tattoo foot

There is a belief that if you have this design on your palm and keep it on your head during depression or tension everything is absorbed within the design. You try it.

dream catcher tattoo on hand

Just behind the neck.Cute dream catcher tattoo

Dream catcher tattoos ideas and meanings are varied, it’s just that you need to do proper research to figure out if they would suit your personality.


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