Elegant Long Prom Dresses to Accentuate Your Body Shape

Spectacular-Strapless-Sheath-Floor-Length-Slit-Lilac-Silky-Satin-and-Printed-Prom-Dress design

The prom night is not far away now and the thought of choosing the dress is all over your mind these days. You wake up in the morning with a fresh head and get to the computer to have a look at the latest prom dresses’ trends of 2014, but nothing has captivated your eyes so far as whatever comes up on the websites is too typical to make you a perfect prom girl.

You are a dreaming about looking different, vibrant and far better than other prom girls- even some of them are your close friends, so what competition is competition! You deserve to grab all the attention your beauty needs as you are the best of all sassy girls who are said to have true beauty inside as well as outside.  However, your beauty has got to be flamboyant in some way as this is the way to get appraisal for your existence in the college. Everyone should be proud of your presence and of your existence at the prom night.

There would be thousands of other prom girls wanting to steal the show over you. If you won’t choose the right dress, you are going to get no attention at all and you might be ignored and soon forgotten by fellows.  Many believe that short prom dresses are the order of the day for a lady wanting to show off her pedantic nature, beautiful body and extraordinary essence on the prom day. I don’t agree with the suggestion- as I believe prom girl should be dressed up soberly.

The famous actress Marilyn Monroe said once that” the body is meant to be seen, not all covered up”. She said it right, but she never meant that a girl should show to the public whatever she’s got. Hiding some of the body parts essentially is itself about creating a curiosity in the mind of others, so don’t cover up everything but don’t even show up everything either.  What’s the catch here? Long prom dresses are good to go with since they are long enough to protect your body from the wild eyes while keeping you upto latest fashion standards.  No matter what your body is like-petite, house glass, pear-shaped, round or broad, you have got to make it attractive, therefore it’s necessary to put on a dress that can accentuate it instead of wearing a dress that will expose it from every angle.  You might not even find yourself comfortable with the idea of exposing thighs, knees, and abdomen, it is so insensible.

There are many styles of  elegant long prom dresses that will become the attention-getter this year. What you need to do is pick yours before someone picks it before you, to be the center of everyone’s attraction. Some specialties of elegant long prom dresses are as follows:
All major fabrics are used in a professional way by most prom dress designers- some have used organza but not all alone, they have combined tulle and silk with it. Some has solely done the beaded work on the chiffon gown while stitching it along with a fancy fabric of special kind.

There are literally so many styles that you will see in the elegant long prom dresses- you will surely be getting the dress your body needs to fit in properly.

Besides white and red, there are many other shades being used in the designing of prom dresses of 2014 such as violet, blue, indigo and purple.

Some styles of prom dresses you’ll find being promoted this year are mermaid, drape, A-line, and Sweetheart.
In the designing pattern, special effects are given to the prom dresses by ruching the dress, adding the frills and ruffles and cutting on the side,back or bodice.


Sumptuous-Deep-V-Neck-Floor-Length-Black-Slit-Chiffon-Diamantes-Embellished-Prom-Gown in black

Spectacular-Strapless-Sheath-Floor-Length-Slit-Lilac-Silky-Satin-and-Printed-Prom-Dress design


One-shoulder-Ruffled-Mermaid-Dresswith Rhinestone for prom





Astonishin-Asymmetrical Neck Floor LengthBall-Gown-Ice for prom

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