Emerald Rings Are Women’s Favorite Accessories

emerald ring traingle

What is Emerald? It’s a mineral gemstone belongs to family Beryl.The gemstone comes in different shades of greens-from dark to light to slight greenish transparent-depending on the its chemical composition. The green shade of the gemstone is determined by the amount of Chromium in the chemical formation, the more chromium would lead to more green colors and so on.

Emerald rings are cut in different shapes according to the requirements and demands of the customers- the group that prefers emerald stone to be on their rings usually is of professionals such as doctors, engineers, writers, teachers, medical personalities, astrologers and so on. Even some business women make a big collection of Emerald rings and jewelry, why the gem is preferred to other stones such as rubies and amethyst?  The answer is that green has magical powers-not literally but metaphorically on your spirit, mind and overall mood. Having a divine power and liveliness in its essence, green emerald on any piece of jewelery would help one find real peace within oneself. The gem acts like a tranquillizer. Jewelery, especially Emerald rings are accessible all year around as they are always in demand. The stone helps boost up thinking power and confidence and above all presence of mind, if you want to work somewhere attentively, you have got to get yourself a ring on which a beautiful emerald is carved.

Assortment of designs:

If you are confused as what type of emerald ring to buy for your beautiful hands, you should know that there are three options available at your disposal, one is buy it with sterling silver metal, another is buy it in Gold plated metal and the third option is buy it either with diamond, gold and silver. It all comes down to the budget you have for sure.If you can spend more than 3000 on a ring, your chances of getting a good quality emerald rings would be maximized and so on.

The cut out: Do not confused the emerald cut out rings with the emerald cuts rings, they are different in their design,structure and arrangement. For the shapes you can find several geometrical cuts such as triangle shaped,pearl shaped,oval,diagonal, cushion, square and rectangular shaped of course.

sterling silver emerald toe ring in heart shape

It has very neatly round shaped emeralds in the design.
Stackable emerald ring idea

The cushion cut.square cut emerald ring with .925 sterling silverYou can definitely stack it with other bands.eternity band emeraldsA delicate design you will adore.
Emerald ring blue nile with diamonds

The most elegant infinity knot ring in emerald with black beads.
emerald infinity ring silver plated

The criss cross design with a big maze.Crisscross Tiffanny Emerald ring

The antique design on black metal.

antique emerald ring idea

A nice cut emerald with diamonds.

pearl oval shape emerald rings

Edgy triangle shaped emerald ring.

emerald ring traingle

As you can see the design speaks for itself, it can be worn by men only.emerald ring men

These are few of millions and trillions of designs I love personally.


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