I have seen that many women with thick, long, and lush hair always ask one question- what’s the best hairstyle to pull off on heavy hair on regular days?  Though we have seen celebrities wearing side-ponytails with waves and barrettes but these styles can’t be worn daily especially if you are a working woman or if you are to attend a special meeting instead of hanging out in a party. The simplest and easiest design for one would be knotting hair in a random order after brushing hard the layers and then pinning up hair in a messy order whereas a lot of strands are falling here and there, proving one a big reckless in personal grooming. You might not want to look dumb and an insensible fashion nerd in front of your friends and family members, it will give an impression of your being so careless about yourself and that’s not worth it if you are working on a good post such as management, personal assistant, customer Representative or nurse. For you to look excellent and professional, a good hairstyle is just a way or maybe more than it.  Spending thousands of dollars on buying expensive outfits really makes a big sense when you know how to style your hair with the outfit to give a good impression.

Now let’s talk about energetic ponytail hairstyles that are expected to be in trend till next year or maybe after that time, who knows? The easiest way to style your hair is a pony is using a rubber band and catching all the hair in it by twisting it in knots- but now there is a different trend and way of catching the hair in ponytails and that’s done by wrapping around the hair in a knot.

The hair is first treated with a good shampoo and conditioner. Once it dries off, all frizzes are straightened using a hair wax or styling gel, but keep in mind too much of it can make hair greasy, so just apply a small amount to tame your hair instead of making it oily. Now this is the step where you need to use iron on hair to keep it straight and tangles-free. Keep brushing hair at this point until hair is fresh and straight. Now take one strand of hair from the side, behind the ear and catch all hair it in- just feel you are using a band for wrapping the hair, when you are done, you can pin up the end of the strand used for wrapping just below the ponytail. If you think it’s not possible to tie hair in a wrap of hair strand, you can first tie it with a loose rubber band and later wrap hair on it easily.

Check out some more styles of wearing energetic ponytail hairstyles . You can incorporate an updo or a few beautiful bangs in ponytail only if you have a desire for it.

It is accompanied by a very small bump type updo. The hair is slightly raised on the front  to make a small bump like this one.

the classiest ponytail hairstyle idea

The same technique has been used here. Her hair is thick, some curls were set on the back before pulling it all in a ponytail.You can also see a small bouffant on front which has absolutely added a vintage type look to her mak


sleek ponytail with bump

Something you must try for the parties. ponytail with curls and updo for parties

The braid is an add on to the style along with the knot which is done wisely to make a slightly high ponyta


Ponytail with crown braid

It is called modern top pony with a wrap around style.

Modern ponytail idea for girls

I love this braided pony for the fact that it can be sported easily almost anywhere outside.casual ponytail braid idea

The classy pony style with bangs on front.



A simple looped pony design which is being promoted by runway models these days.
high-wrapped-around-ponytail style

The wrap around pony style which is very famous.

ponytail for long hair

Love this simple, high pony style.

casual high ponytail style idea

The braid has added a lot of grace to the style.

french-ponytail idea

Simple loop pony design.

simple looped ponytail idea

Pony for thick hair with twisted wrap up braid.ponytail for very long hair

These are some of most amazing ponytail hairstyles I have collected so far, I would have more styles to share with you in the coming days so stay tuned and keep checking the blog for the updates.






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