neutral makeup for hazel eyes

Hazel eyes have the special feature where they appear to be a certain color, according to the makeup you apply. So why not use this to your advantage.

Wondering as which eye shadows are best with your eye color? Here are some make up ideas not only to make your hazel eyes pop out, but to accent the color you want. Here are some cool tips you need to follow.

Eyeliner for hazel eyes

Eyeliner is highly recommended to allow your light eye color to pop. When going for a natural look, use black, grey, or dark brown. You can also use green eyeliner if you’re feeling more daring. Just be sure to use darker shades of green. If you want eyes to appear a different color; Use eggplant-like purple eye to simulate blue eyes.  Mahogany brown eye liner will bring out the green in your hazel eyes. White eyeliner is usable if it’s on the bottom lid. It will not only make your eye seem bigger but brighter. The brighter eye shadows are good to use and some light glittery shadows have been very popular- no matter what are new eyes make up ideas for hazel eyes, the lighter and brighter shades are mixed and used to get a one sophisticated shade during the makeup.

Eye liner is done with orange contouring on the upper and lower lid. The lower lid is also filled in with the black gel eyeliner shade.

hazel eyes makeup for teenager

Flick eye liner style with nice faux eyes shadow

eye liner for hazel eyes

Party eyeliner with stones
party makeup for hazel eyes


Although black eyeliner is the most commonly popular type, it isn’t preferable to use it for hazel eyes, as the contrast is too dark. For this reason going for dark brown mascara would give you a better appearance. You can experiment with different shades of brown to get the right look. Some interesting colors to try would be gold-black and dull brown, if you want to go for something out of the norm. Make sure to curl your lashes first. Purple mascara could also be an option for hazel eyes to bring out the green in them. Makeup for hazel eyes or any other eye color is rather incomplete without it.

Special mascara technique for hazel eyes

casual makeup for hazele yes

The touch of gold with bronze for hazel eyes

golden makeup for hazel eyes

Blue mascara with glitter for makeupblue eyes makeup for hazel eyes

Here are some more pictures to give you eye make up ideas for hazel eyes:

Eye Shadow

Natural skin tones look good with hazel eyes, but if you want your eyes to really pop out try vibrant purple, deep green, blue, or shimmery gold. Apply those colors to the crease of your eyelid. Purple brings out your eye since it contrasts well with the brighter hazel eyes. If you would like more soft and natural tones, try brown, pearl, or light rose. Mixing different colors together is also a good idea, so it is recommended to purchase a palette of natural nude tones, or vibrant dark colors. When applying eye shadow, be sure that your eye shadow complements your mascara and eyeliner for the best results.

All the way smokey

smokey makeup hazel eyes

Peacock eyes shadows for hazel eyes



peacock makeup for hazel eyes

Beautiful pink shadows with blackpink makeup for hazel eyes


Dark skin tones work well with hazel eyes. So if you have a lighter shade of skin, bronzer can help make all the difference. Lightly dust around your eyes in the cheekbone, nose and forehead area, to give that eye a brighter look.

black smokey makeup hazel eyes

Beyonce has used golden and bronze on the lower eyelid and is looking perfect.beyonce hazel eyes makeup

Lip Color

Lip color is a tricky subject. For best results it’s best not to use a very bold color, as it may overpower your eye color. If you’re going for brown make up eye shadow tones, use a coppery color for your shades. Use mauve or berry lipstick to complement purple/blue eye shadow. To bring out the green in your hazel eyes, use nude, coral or pink lipstick.

Neutral and pastel lipsticks can be used for colored eyes, see one example below.

neutral makeup for hazel eyes





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