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Many of you might not have heard of a male model”Norman Thereunto”,who is more famous because of his face tattoos than for his modeling or runways shows. He is an awesome man, possessing a serious masculine body, stern features and above all a strong ability to show off his face tattoos. Where all normal men of 2014 might feel a bit afraid of wearing tattoos on face.

Normal shows up confidently in public without dressing his full body, just to make us believe that fashion doesn’t need to be hid if it is logical and alluring. And you don’t need to cover up your body with an expensive piece of clothing if you it is meant to be shown to the world just because it has some great inking work been done on it and that’s just worth sharing with the viewers.
There are so many face tattoo inspirations for men such as Aztec tattoos, girl friend names tattoos, clocks and dream catcher tattoos, music beat tattoos, quote tattoos, and of course angels tattoos.

If you have got a great sense in fashion, the best way to choose your tattoo design is to see what you likes and dislikes, if you love listening to the beats or any genre of music such as bass or jazz, your face tattoos design needs to be relevant to your interest as it will make more sense to you as well as to others.



In my list of face tattoos inspirations for men, the first name pops up is of course of Norman’s as he is already wearing some sleek face tattoos on different locations and good part is instead of covering his entire face with the inks he has chosen to get tattoos done on only few nicest spots, it is really rational of the guy. Since this model has to contribute to the runways shows as well so it would have been a good idea for him to get tattoo work done on a limited ground but without going out of fashion with passion intact all the way.
Check out some more face tattoos inspirations for men that are definitely worthy of a good praise.

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