1950 hairstyles for men

Anyone who loves 1950s men hairstyles or 1950s vintage men’s haircut surely believe that old cuts has x-factor that is hard to match today. If you are looking to revive 1950s men’s fashion and wanting to transform yourself, you should try merging a modern cut with old style pompadour or rockabilly to look fabolour. Good thing is 1950s men haircuts are still the same, they are being cut the way they used to cut, but the only different is length and way it is styled today.

The 1950s was a time for setting new fashion rituals and experiments that would be preserved forever in the books of fashion history. A lot of positive vibes rotated in the glamour industry following the World War II, new styles were erupting in the industry, the particular places where new haircuts would be introduced were shows, movies and stage performance and from these points the styles would further be promoted from one state to another and so on. There were few French hairstylists who always wanted to set new trends regardless of the race and religion, knowing that men of all ethnicity deserve to have a better appearance. Three popular names are Sydney Guilaroff, Alexandre of Paris and Raymond Bessone. They invented new cuts for both men and women. After The World War 2, hairstylists invented some of the famous 1950s hairstyles for men that would continue to be in the trend forever.

Famous 1950s Hairstyles for men

As post-period of second war was more prosperous and peaceful, everyone wanted to revert to a life that could satisfy them the most. The rich patrons demanded for high-end fashion apparels, accessories and of course looks that were soon to be invented in Paris and French cultures to be later promoted to states. The fashion of one country was influencing the fashion of second country and would spread to other countries like a wildfire. 50s men’s  hairstyles are still so famous because they were edgy and classy.
The industries that were more influential during the 1950s especially in the niche of men’s hairstyles were just two; music and movie. The style shown in a movie would be imitated by men of Europe and other countries. The teenage fashion was particularly coming from rock music industry where men would grow their hair long at the back and short at the top. Men would often show up with heavily greased hair, styled with Brylcreams and gels, in addition to these products more of styling items were discovered in 1950s for fashionable men. You should check out some simple 50s men’s hairstyles.
Let’s explore some of the most famous 1950s Hairstyles for men



 PLAITED COMBED BACK; 50s Men’s hairstyleslick-back hairstyle 1950REGULAR MEDIUM CUT 1950


IVY LEAGUE HAIRCUT 1950 haircut for men1950s ivy league hairstyle


1950s  men’s Haircut slicked-back men hair 1950

NICELY DESIGNED 1950 men’s haircut called IVY Leagueregular mens hairstyle 1950

50s combed back pompadour hairstylepompadour men 1950


Side-swept hairstyles of 1950s mansite parted cut 1950

Nice crew hairstyle of 1950s manbrushed crew cut 1950

Plaited side-parted hair styled with  Brylcream 1950greasy plaited men's hairstyle 1950

Side-swept hairstyle 19501950s haircut men

site parted cut 1950


Vintage style 50s mens haircut hairstyleRockabilly hairstyle 1950s fashion inspired. Rockabilly 1950s men hairstyle Rockabilly 50s men hairstyles Leonardocorredornevshomotography 07 1950s men's hairstyles ideas 50s men hairstyles 1950 men haircut hairstyles 1950s men haircut

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