Fantastic Hairstyles 2014 For Girls with Fantasies!

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It’s true that we all have fantasies that exist within us- some of us want to fly high in the sky just like a fairy from a favorite fantasy tale- others want to be more like a brave woman such as Aeon Flux. They say this world is just for realistic girls who understand the different between fiction and myth, true and false and fake and real. But to me, this world is also somewhat of a big fantasy itself because the life is just once and it’s more like a game play for everyone living here- ones good at game would win in the last and ones fail to show their best would not be remembered afterwards anywhere, neither in the words nor in the mind.

Nevertheless, the appearance makes a lot of sense when it comes to someone’s character, whether it be real or fictional. The best element of anyone’s appearance is of course nothing but a good hairstyle that go well with the facial features and face frame. Let’s just forget about all the known and famous hairstyles such as bob cut, layered cut, and high ponytails, they aren’t for those girls who are living everyday in their fantasies, instead these cuts are for those girls leading a simple, typical, and natural life just like other ordinary people around us. If you have a desire, a deep desire, to look different, keep in mind that you ought be different from top to toe- yes, literally in everything, in your style and facial presentation. Facial presentation what the heck it is? Facial presentation here refers to your facial features and the way you communication and the style you carry and pass to others. Your style makes an impression on others, letting them infer an idea upon your personality, look and in some way to the background you belong to. To carve your name differently on the heart of your spectators, your hair cut needs to be somewhat unique if you are too much fictional in real life or else they would end up taking you as a just another girl of the country having big fictional dream but nothing related to it in the real practical life.

I am going to share some pictures of Fantastic Hairstyles 2014 for girls with fantasies. If you relate to a girl living in a dream and wanting a fantasy to be real, you will find these hairstyles somewhat interesting and far different from all typical cuts of the 21st century.

It is your personality, you are all within your rights to transform yourself into a marvelous being. Let others know as well what kind of talent you have when it comes to fashion.

fantasy layer cut

fantasy weaved braid 2016 fantasy updo for girls

fantasy cropped bob




fantasy ponytail

fantasy-fringes-red orange





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