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Tattoos are not new but there is a new theme of designs that people seem to rave for.Those with great Eros for the fantasy genre have finally taken them off the pages of their favorite story and comic books directly to their skins. The forces of evil and good now battle on the backs of our neighbors.
The reason for this insurgence is still unknown but one thing you can’t take away from them is that sheer beauty. They depict great artistic quality with common elements of terror, evil or pure wildness. Fantasy tattoos with great landscapes are great sights which provide a contradiction to the boring environment.
While the artworks may differ, there are outstanding ones which either stick to the memory or deserve a place on our backs. I’ve made a short list of such;
The dragons tattoos designs
The dragons are usually a thing of beauty wit intricate lines and colouring. They symbolize a great power with ancient wisdom while still alluring artistically.

Asian dragon tattoo idea

This dragon has occupied the entire back and it is lovely.

cool dragon tattoo for girls

This is a long dragon covering the entire hand and wrist.

black dragon tattoo hand to wrist

Vampires tattoos designs

The cold fellows are here again albeit, on the flesh. If an art depicting blood sucking is not creepy to you, then this is fair game.

I don’t know a design having an ugly vamp, since a lady vampire is seductive in nature so she must be beautiful.

beautiful female vamp tattoo

The blue face tone describes she’s dead long ago.

blonde vamp tattoo

This is a male vampire for those who want to go for an artistic vampire tattoo.

vampire tattoo idea

These fangs are making much more trendy vamp tattoos.vampire fangs tattoo

Fairies tattoos designs
If you love fairytales, what better way to show it than engrave it on your skin .Werewolves and zombies.I think this is the peak of horror depiction.Even much more than the messages these tattoos depict, they are a thing of pure beauty and they’re worth a try if tattoo is your thing. Fairies are most common characters of fairy tales wherein they either save someone or get saved by a loved one, moreover, their personalities are generally displayed as gentle, soft, and peaceful. They cry when you hurt, they show both negative and positive sides, depending on their nature and soul.

great fairy tattoo with purple wings

This fairy is innocent and cute, above all majestic with blue wings.Ideal fairy tattoos

Rose tattoos designs

Do you know the rose tattoo was used as a sign of rebellion by the Irish against the British during the war? Yes, the Irish spotted black tattoos in contradiction to the red rose worn by the British.
Rose tattoos are perhaps the most dynamic of tattoos coming in a wide range of shapes, colours, sizes, and forms. Roses are usually used to depict an image of emotions. The red rose represents love or passion, the white for purity and spiritual love, orange for fascination, rosebuds for youthfulness. A pink rose speaks of gentleness and admiration and the black one is usually death.

There may also be a combination of colours like  the common red and white which signifies unity. When a stalked rose is drawn without thorns, it usually represents a love at first sight and a single rose says no more than ‘I love you’.

blood rose tattoo leg

This is a 3D design basically.
garcia red rose tattoo upper back

Cute central flower with some leaves.

single rose tattoo shoulder

Looks awesome on the hand as well.

rose tatoo hand

There is another one fully grown and blossomed.blossomed rose tattoo lower back

More often than not, rose tattoos come with an additional element that also helps to vary what messages are passed across. The most frequent ones are:
Dagger which represents a love-hate relationship
A cross represents a memorial of a loved one
Butterfly represents pure match
Thorns represents a risky and painful love
Should I buy my partner a rose? No, that won’t last, draw her a single red rose.

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