Fashion of Irish Celtic Rings

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Irish Celtic Rings 2014 have new designs and patterns, it might have challenging for the designers to come up with new ideas to satisfy those who are in love with Celtic Jewelry. Without any doubt, Irish Celtic rings are considered one of the most hottest trends of all times in the fashion and they are being sought after today on several occasions such as weddings, engagements and friendship days. Sometimes, these rings are just given to revive the spirit of the friendship and sometimes just as a souvenir to the special ones.

There are so many stylish designs emerging in Celtic rings such as crosses, spirals,knots and intricately woven patterns.  These rings may have different myths, meanings or historical aspects dating back to the old times when Celts devised the rings as their religious symbols.  A big amount of ambiguity exists with regards to the actual use of the Celtic Irish Rings, some believe that Celts used to wear these rings for fashion and the patterns were created for the adornment only, it’s perhaps the images of living things were forbidden to be created on Jewelry. The fashion of rings is being passed down from generation to generation through legend and folklore stories. We can’t truly say that it is a part of ancient fashion or style, however, it is more like just being unique for most of the people today that they prefer Celtic jewelry to gold, silver and titanium.

No matter what would tradition and beliefs of ancient Celts have been like, the best way one can do when wearing a piece of Celtic ring is decipher its meaning themselves, you may find a lot of facts being related with the jewelry as all symbolism are completely assumed or conceived, are not extracted from any written material of Celts because they maintained a diary, we wish if they could have.

The symbols of Irish Celtic rings are often derived by the way they are designed and the order in which the pattern is created. This is just a matter of time that different symbols have been attributed with the different designs and their meanings keep changing from one to another. The Celts left a description of their lifestyle in general in etching that’s often found in caves.  Their etching is also carved into stones and some other structures, we can see the same designs being restored or repeated in the modern Irish Rings.

For the ancient Celts and Christians, Irish Celtic rings  held a great deal of importance and significance as they were being one of the most strongest symbols of a relation such as marriage or love for God. The rings were associated with two strong meanings most of the times and both are about the existence of love.  In other words, the actual purpose of the rings are to convey traditional messages of harmony, sincerity and love between a man and a woman and God and Humanity.  Some designs even show a connection between a prey and a hunter and so on.

One of the most famous designs of Irish Celtic rings are Trinity Knots also known as the Celtic Triskelion, it has a pattern of triangle or three edgy sides. The three sides may be attributed with the number three, which was a very sacred digit for the Celts. The number three might have some symbolic value to them such as three phases of pagan goddess ; maiden, mother and old woman. There are always three stages in the life of every persona; childhood, youth and old age.

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