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fWho doesn’t love hair brushes, nice lipstick colors, nail polishes and common jewelry items? It’s a matter of fact that neither girls nor women can breathe without their makeup products because they are special, you will find almost everything, year around available in their wardrobes. Women of the entire globe love to wear good outfit, putting on neat makeup and wearing classy hairstyle. We all have seen too many types, versions and varieties of nail art designs though, when we see something new we just feel stunned, crave for trying them on our own.

Let’s pay a tribute to everything we have by trying these exclusive fashion nail designs.

Lipstick and chains on nail

The use of an original chain as decal has given a twist to this nail art design. Furthermore the drawing of original lips with a lipstick product is creating a special effect which is really astonishing. You definitely need makeup drawing skills to create this art which will surely impress everyone and convince them to do it on their own. This is one of many fashion designs I have always tried to copy and try myself.

fantastic makeup nailart

Mascara and Brushes

Mascara with eyelashes and the brushes are hand painted of course. The lips are also painted on it whereas the golden effect has been given by using the glitter in the right place.
unique makeup nailart 2015

Eye shadows and red lipstick

It’s the same painting art as shown above the only difference is that there are some strips on the nails which are painted by using paint colors in black and white. This entire art is versatile and unique.

girly nail art designs 2015

If you have the required drawing and art skills you can create a fashion girl on the nails, some high heeled shoes along with the dress and some hairstyles or a girl wearing makeup on the face. It would be fun thing to execute an idea into real nail artwork.

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