There is no denying that tattoos do have some useful meanings and messages to covey provided that how you present them. Every individual has their personal taste when it comes to picking a certain object to be included in a tattoo design, but most of women and men prefer nature’s scene, birds and seas.

Love for Purity and Nature:

The reason of choosing natural objects or subjects for a tattoo design shows that you do love purity, no matter in which shape it comes- from earth or greenery. Bird tattoo designs are on the top of list of best tattoo designs of all times. Why so? Because human beings of today’s world are so mentally occupied and harassed in some way due to personal matters and complications that exist in all families and relations.

dotwork three black bird tattoo idea

I also love her Victorian necklace, which is adding sense to the design.cute black bird tattoo idea

Mental and Physical Freedom:

Though we all are living as a free human being in our space, but sometimes we feel a desire of getting a mental freedom. Having so many thoughts running on your mind is like living in a jail from where rescue is impossible- to free yourself-especially your mind, you need an inspiration and that’s when bird tattoo design comes into action.

Team of four flying with love

flying black bird tattoo ankle

Team of five flying high with confidence and passion, flattering their wings

fiver black birds tattoo

Flock of six black birds lead by two young birdsblack bird tattoo arm

Flock of black birds tattoos symbolize freedom:

A flock of black birds in a tattoo design may be meaningful if you lack a power of understanding the messages delivered by a natural object. Or at the same time it could have some essential meanings depending on your thinking style. Many believe that a flock of black birds inspires freedom. A lot of us need such inspiration to feel alive and to feel free of those thoughts which have captured us in their claws like a wild cat. So what are possible meanings of a flock of black birds flying together, giving us a lesson on unity and mutual love? The only lesson you can learn from the flock of bird is that it’s better to live together rather than living in your own shell. It’s that you are still free when you fly with someone, love is the best type of bond that you will have with others.  Whether it be about complications in personal relations or living alone somewhere, you can revive the feel of unity by having a bird tattoo done on your body.

Your wrist is the best spot for the marking


How about getting the tattoo done behind the ear

Maybe these tiny creatures can whisper sometimes about your own freedom that you deserve and are born with.

black bird tattoo behind ear

Lots of black birds covering the upper back and looking impressiveflock of black bird tattoos upper back

Connect with the nature:

These tiny creatures of black color shine when the sun shines and they find food in the morning- together they explore the nature and love all colors. They enjoy living together and work in a nice collaboration whether it is about finding some feeds for the day or finding a shelter for the night. They also fly and soak in the fresh winter rain and sings a song which only praises their creator, God. Every minute is special for them and every second is full of fun and activities. They are together forever and they truly respect the love bond that has been created naturally. Why can’t we be inspired by these little, cute creatures?  Flock of black birds tattoo design symbolize mutual love, concept for communicative lifestyle, unity with dedication and above all pure love and respect for each member of the community.

Edgy and interesting flock of Black bird tattoos

This is black but nice having tiny birds and their parents and their relatives.  They have come in a pack to fly together and to search for a new residence.

black bird tattoo with kids

Let it be:

Some nice messages and quotes can also be combined with the black bird tattoo, in fact words will make the design more interesting and more meaningful than before.
three black bird tattoo message

A good message with black bird tattoo:

It can be a personalized quote or saying from the book or something that inspires you personally and is your possession and creature, we all have some formal sayings that we used to use in our life and they are kind of personal, only our words.

The message reads as follows:

You were only waiting for this moment to be Free.

Sometimes you are trapped inside your own self and in a place where life becomes a living hell and no matter what you to do to improve your life or style you are always let down by your own efforts. It seems that disappointment is the only thing that you will end up with after working so hard, this is the moment when you seek your freedom, you just want to let everything get past by you. The bird will express you with or without any written message.

black bird with quote tattoo




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