Forearm tattoos for girls

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“Live, laugh, love” was what I once saw on a woman’s arm. The words were simple, the letterings were great, and the message was clear.

Despite the growth of tattoo in the society, there seems to be rarity in sighting inks on the female forearms but are not totally absent in the community. Probably due to the rarity, female forearm tattoos when sighted, are bold and beautiful, forcibly bent on passing their message across.

Because forearm tattoos are not easily concealed, your design should be of great quality and here are a few to get your tattoo rolling, check this short list of popular forearm tattoos for girls


Texts that have been beautifully crafted are a sight to behold while underlining the message they possess. Texts are amongst most popular forearm tattoos for girls. May it be a quote or a text or some kind of ritual context it would have some affect on your personality and life. Don’t ever choose to get a text done on the body which is considered taboo or magical. For instance magical spells with symbols can do more harm than good.

It is meaningful.

forearm texts tattoos

Some birds have made this message more expressive.

forearm text tattoo design

It’s a good idea to show your love in writing and inking.


Having an inking done in a different language also makes sense.
quotes text ideas for forearm

A prayer to God.text tattoo forarm

Full coloured phoenix

The phoenix ability to be reborn from its ashes says it all. The champions always stand up when they fall.

phoenix tattoos forearms

This is bit abstract with nature with feathers.
Phoenix tattoos for girls

Forearm snake

long and winding snake that go around the arms like a vine to a tree. They symbolize anger, pain and revenge for being poisonous. hen you get a snake tattoo done keep in mind that that it can affect your personality. The animal is furious and wild in nature of course so if your personality matches with the traits it holds you can have this design with more comfort. Not to mention that we all have a wild side inside that we keep secret from the outside world.

snake tattoo ideas

It’s kind of snake from a magical book, covering the entire arm.

snake tattoo full arm

Snakes in snakes. A chain is made.

snake tattoo design idea for girls

A dagger pierced through the snake.

snake tattoo for arms

This one is wild one but very beautiful and realistic.wild snake tattoo forearm

Heart with a name

Pain is love. A single rose with a single name is sure a painful way to prove to your partner your love for him.A tattoo on the forearm is sure a happy and sexy way to show off your message and personality. It could be a name of your own or of your lover depending on how you want it to be. Sometimes the heart with a key design symbolizes that you are in love. Your heart is opened by her/his key and so on.  The heart can be designed into different shaped, as a whole, broken or split, it’s your choice.

heart with keys tattoos

It’s good for couples who want to show their love connection to the world.

heart tattoos

I don’t have words to describe it. It’s really awesome.

heart with name tattoo idea

You can choose to have your own name in the heart or someone’s.makinley-infinity-tattoo-on-arm

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