tutorial on party hairstyle

There is an urgent party that you will attend tonight but you haven’t done much preparation. It’s like you have to improvise on your outfit as well as hairstyle, there is a saloon nearby but you cannot decide as which particular hairstyle would be good for the evening. We all have to do party hairstyling from time to time, just in case you need an idea here is a simple guide for you.

tutorial on party hairstyle

Well , let me tell you there is no need to get your hair back combed all the time, oh those nasty tingles are very hard to get rid of, even if you shampoo your hair twice and conditioned them many times, they would stay in your hair. It’s really bothersome to have tingles in your hair; they also mess up with the health of the hair. Therefore it is necessary to choose a hairstyle that can be done and undone easily and there is less back combing involved. Here you go with a formal party hairstyle tutorial. This formal updo is well tamed and it’s highly manageable with little effort.

If you review this formal party hairstyle tutorial a little more closely you will notice that the updo is accompanied by side pinning and hair is done in an updo in a light way, if you are an office going woman you can wear the same type of hairstyle on regular days without ado.

A glance at the steps:

  1. Prepare your hair by applying a small amount of styling wax all over using finger tips. Keep in mind that rough hair cannot be styled perfectly in a good updo because the tacky texture results in a bad, messy style which may not look very impressive, therefore it is necessary that you take a treatment just in case you got rough hair which seriously needs to be nurtured with essential protein.
  2. Back combing is a major part of this style, you need to have some volume in the hair for it, if you have just shampooed what you need to do is hair drying, just do it until you get fully dried tresses.
  3. Part the hair from the side because you will need some side bangs in the final steps, however if you are used to making a center part you can go for it without having to worry about anything.
  4. Use a matching ribbon if you have one or else just stick with the black one as it can go with almost all colors.
  5. Don’t forget to apply a hair spray in the end to increase the life of your updo.


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