Freesia Flower Tattoos Symbolize Innocence!

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Freesia flowers were named after the German physician Friedrich Heinrich The odor Freese- with their beautiful six funnel-shaped long tepals, scented aura and sweet appearance- these flowers have become one of the most alluring species of the world. These flowers grow in many areas of Southern Africa, Kenya, and South Africa; their varieties are in plenty in Cape Province and the surrounding areas because freesia is grown with its hybrids out there.

freesia flower tattoo on ribs

Innocence and Friendship:

Freesia flower tattoos are not very popular these days because their meanings are limited to two words only; innocence and friendship. Women usually look for a flower to have more traits before picking them as a tattoo design. Though a flower tattoo may or may not have strong impact as the natural flower does but it can surely impact or affect someone’s life either positively or negatively. As most of the flowers have positive meanings, myths and legends so those women who don’t have much time to explore the dark secrets and histories of any flower usually pick a normal flower having positive symbols and effects.

freesia tattoo shoulder

purple freesia tattoo with butterfly

red freesia tattoo

Why Should you have this tattoo?

Everyone has their own reasons and rhymes to do something, the same implies when it comes to selecting a particular design or pattern for the body painting. Just in case you believe that you are innocent or you intend to tie a strong bond with your close friend (either male or female) you can mark the freesia tattoo on your body. In other words the two reasons why you should be getting this marking done on the body are as follows:

  1. Displaying or showcasing of your own innocence.
  2. Showing yourself as a committed person/lover to someone by the way of logical meanings which freesia has to convey in general.

violet freesia tattoo

Seventh Wedding Anniversary Gift:

Freesia flowers are given as a gift on the 7th wedding anniversary as well as are used in wedding decorations in some parts of the county. If you have had hard time proving your innocence to someone you can pick freesia flower tattoo. The tattoo can also prove your true friendship emotions to someone special.

freesia flower

Make Changes:

You can add some other objects in the design to make it solid in its meanings, for instance a design of skull with the flowers would have different meanings, it would mean that you believe in two sides of the life- the one is beautiful and the other is ugly. A dagger ca also be added in the middle, it is just about your personal choice of course, the selection of more objects in the inking will add some value to the design for sure.



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