Modern French Hair Braid for Blonde Men

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Black Afro-American and Nigerian men always wear hair extensions, beads, and weird types of box and knitted braids in their daily routine because it’s a prerequisite of their culture to sport such intricate hairstyles. On the contrary, European men rarely wear or sport braids unless they work in a special place like a music band and radio station where fashion genre has to be taken more seriously than the men of rest of the world. For instance, a black disc jockey of a famous radio station or live music show will usually appear in long African braids, sometimes you witness that his hairstyle is too odd to admire but it’s got some style.
I know that blonde men and boys are very conscious about their appearance and they hate to be called fashion nerd or lunatic and they usually wear some of the sophisticated yet modern hairstyles of the time just to look rational. However, there is a few group of modern men and boys, studying in college campuses, who are not afraid of trying some french and twisted french hair braid. Question is do blonde men wear hair braid? I know you are a little surprise but I am going to share two very popular pictures in which fair skinned men are wearing classically hot braids and good part is that they are looking awesome at all angles.

This one is impressive, something you wish you can try with ease, so don’t feel that it’s awkward or taboo, because in real it it not.

Beautifully weaved French hair braidĀ for blonde men

french braid for man

Just like any French, it is weaved with three basic hair loops only. The central loop is kept in the center whereas other two loops have been crisscrossed in order to get some stitches. You can try this very easily on any type of short and long hair.


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