Full back tattoos for girls

full back corset tattoo

You’ve just got to look at the artist’s face when a lady meets for a full back tattoo. The sheer ecstasy they feel at the sound of the words says it all. Seldom do they get a chance to work with a live canvass so large, tender and what’s more, they fill their pockets while having fun.

With full back tattoo, the design is only as great as your imagination so you’ll need to think ahead to make a masterpiece that you may carry for the rest of your life. A proper discussion should be had with your artist and a full sketch made before proceeding. You wouldn’t find any type of tattoo with more variations than this and it’s no wonder that some of the most bizarre and weirdest pictures on the internet are full back tattoos. More often than not, fullback tattoos however produce awesome and elegant pieces of artworks. Here is a list of full back tattoos  for girls, I am sure you will be amazed to see this unique work of art and human’s manual talent.

  • Fairies:  the female gender loves the fairies and the feeling is replicated by adorning their backs with that magic appeal. Are you bore of seeing the same fairies tattoos every year that your majority of friends get inked on their back? It’s time to change the trend of fairy tattoo from black to colorful- there are some fairy tattoos which will enhance your skin alongside giving you an edgy appearance.

I love her wings , they have got some nice highlighting. Though this design is somewhat animated but it is very cute.

fairy with purple wings tattoo lower back

Fairy sitting in the garden.
cute fairy tattoo lower back

This fairy has got sketch type design with blue wings.full-back-fairy-wings-tattoo

Corset: a nice tattoo usually with a zip as if holding the back together. Some tattoos are completed with piercing and pinning, it’s all your wish if you have tolerance for the pain that comes with a tattoo design.

full back corset tattoo

Wings: full sets of wings covering the sides of the back is a thing of beauty. Wings of butterflies or fairies are all year tattoo trends as they relate to females’ nature and soft personal style.

Can you see some depth in this design? Check the point where a bone is attached to the wings to get my point here.

horse wings tattoo full back

It has got some nice combination of blue and grey.

blue wings tattoo full back

This is a fantastic design from fantasy.black wing tattoo for girl

Dragons: the dragons are found everywhere these days, perhaps showing how much power is craved for and sought after. That doesn’t take away their beauty in ink though. I am sure some girls are still in love with those fairy tales characters which are though to be negative such as dragon and snakes. Nonetheless, these characters have a sort of charisma in themselves and that they have special appeal of their own. Let me add here that dragons are amongst more favorable full back tattoos for girls of all ages and ethnicity.

full back dragon tattoo girlsKoi fish: the beautiful Japanese fish representing courage and ability to achieve what you will. All girls love colorful things because they have freedom to wear or use any shade of the mother nature. Being free unlike men, women loves colorful tattoos rather than one-point black or stencil tattoo. When they get more colors in a tattoo, they look more beautiful and more sassy.

The design has taken a lot of space on the back, it is awesome.

full back koi fish tattoo

Another one for the sake of good inspiration.

koi fish tattoo full backThe full back tattoo makes your message clear while underlining your sexual appeal. I hope you liked these ideas.

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