Funky Hairstyles 2014-It’s time to look different now

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There is nothing wrong in being funky and cheesy as long as the style you have adopted in dressing and hairstyle is acceptable. The general misconception about funky hairstyles is they are bit odd in real- it’s perhaps due to the color combinations used in the hair setting and design for making it more mature. Just keep in mind that if there is anything outstanding in hair designs it will definitely have some colors or hues that are uncommon or less popular in the fashion trends- some of the colors be blue, teal, mint, green, and pink.

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There is no denying that if there are bunch of ladies wearing black hair, your eyes will stare the one lady having bright red hair or short blue hair with fringes. It’s not about someone’s being odd, in fact it’s about their uniqueness and style. Anything unique always gets our attention naturally- so if you see a lady wearing a funky hairstyle that contains a lot of condensed, bright colors and is styled in a different way, you’d think that she might have a sick-taste in styling, but the fact is that’s not always true. Choosing to live a bit opposite to nature is always questionable, that’s what happens when someone goes on a different road in terms of fashion and hairstyles. Instead of considering funky women mentally-sick or retarded we should take their approach of using bright hues in hair a little positively, after all everyone deserves to change themselves as per their preference.

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Now let’s get to the bottom line and talk bit about funky hairstyles 2014 and analyze what hues are in fashion these days and what types of cuts are being adopted by fashion models. I have just checked a few models’ photography and come to the conclusion that red is going to be the hotter day of 2014 just like preceding years. Along with red, you’ll see several other colors being used in the arrangement of funky hairstyles 2014 such as mint, green, lime and pastel pink. While the pastel shade of 2013 was very girlish, it’s expected that new pastel pink may be more dreamy as that of fairies wear in fantasies tales.

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2014 funky hairstyles (1)

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Funky hairstyles 2014 would be administered according to the face shape and complexion- I am pretty much sure about it because the face structure has a lot to do with theĀ  hair design and its texture. For instance, angular bob can’t be sported by a lady having oblong shape as the angles will not accommodate theĀ  structure. However, certain angular or posh bob would suit oblong and long faces depending on the ethnicity of the wearer.

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