Glamorous Outifts by Zuhair Murad

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Zuhair Murad – Lebanese fashion designer, opened his first shop in 1995 in Beirut. C childhood dream to engage in high-fashion and purposefully moving towards its goal. After studying in Paris, in 1995 he opened his first studio in Livane.Cherez awhile craze Zuhair put him on the international fashion arena. Zuhair Murad dress are superior in every way because of different intricate cuts, Fantasy and remarkable silhouette.

Zuhair Murad, today, is known in the whole world as the best fashion designers. His artistic work is more than enough to prove that he has got real abilities to merge beauty with design. All of his designs usually have an x-factor, either in the cut or in the combination of the fabrics used for the making.


one shoulder mermaid gown 2014
There are tens and thousands of glamorous outfits by Zuhair Murad that are worthy of praise and appreciations but today I am just sharing my collection where some major colors are being used as a ‘signature’ in the outfits and they are off-while, gold, and copper.  It is said that give a designer three different styles to work with, he would surely come up with some variations in the end but there would be nothing to admire the work as it is easy to create something out of three styles, but if you give a designer just three colors to work with, his work will prove how talented he is only if he comes up with different designs using the same colors. This kind of talent can surely be found in the glamorous outfits by Zuhair Murad. My collection would prove my words further- actions speak louder than words. I may go short of words and I may not be able to express Zuhair’s talent in few sentences because this guy has got something that is unexplainable- a magic to design trendy outfits according to modern demands and tastes of fashionable ladies.

dress with wings by zuhair murad

dress 2014

copper sequin dress 2014

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