dew berrymore braid

Without any doubt, braids look fabulous on about any hair type, hair texture and hair color. Making complicated braids such as fishtail braid and Dutch braids may be a difficult task for any girl having little to to no knowledge on how to cross hair strands for making a particular design. Though wavy hair can be set easily and it is something that anyone can do with ease but such type of style can’t be worn daily as it may damage the hair roots, putting them more vulnerable to environmental dust and dirt particles. If you are an office going lady, you already have idea as how weather conditions affect your hair in some good or bad ways but going out with untied hair daily is something that you can’t do.

While complicated braiding styles are for only parties and special occasions, there are four special hair styles that you can try for any regular day. Here are some good braids for all. Try these.

Braid #1: Hair braid of three stands

This is also called a simple braid because it is easy to make and every woman knows how to create it.  To make a braid like this, you’ll need to pick three hair strands and cross them over each other. The middle strand goes below the left one and the right one goes above both crossed strands. You can start this braid from any location but two better positions are front and nape of the head.

three stands loop braid

Braid#2: Pinned up braid

As you can see in the picture, the braid is simple. It doesn’t require any special styling skills. You need to make a French tail at the back and then pinned it up in an updo. This is one the best hair braids I have seen.

pinned up braid

Braid#3:  Side-swept French Braid

Drew Barrymore is wearing my favorite braid in this picture. She has a beautiful heart shape face, so the style is actually highlighting her features very well, especially the cheek bones. Her hair is side parted first and then turned into a French braid from the right side. You can further use hair pin accents in the braided knot to highlight the style for party.

loose braid


Braid#4: Loose French Braid

Can you see what this celebrity is wearing? Her front hair is side-cut. The braid is starting from the front head and ending behind the ear. You don’t necessarily need to make this braid all the way to the other side of the head, instead you can end up anywhere by pinning it up properly.

dew berrymore braid


I hoped you liked all of these braiding ideas because they are sumptuous and nice.

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