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Rihanna was born in 1988 in Saint Micheal and she is not 27 years old right now. She had had gone through a nose surgery because her nose was a bit unshaped just like average Afro-American. Though she is a nice black lady yet her color didn’t create a barrier between her success and career, in fact people praise for her beautiful eyes and appreciate her songs and lyrics. The lady became a well-known vocalist shortly after singing couple of nice songs with Jay-z. The one of the famous songs from Rihanna is Please don’t stop the music, it would be played everywhere in the bars, on runways and in personal music room of every home when it was launched. The song was special because it could make you fantasize about a secret dance with the loved one, I don’t know what others feel about it but whenever I listen to it (The official version) I feel mesmerized and go into a deep fantasy where I dance with my lover.

The biography about Rihanna is too huge to cover in this article, this piece of page is basically covering some of the best Rihanna Fenty hairstyles, so let’s discuss what her special haircuts are. She had worn blonde curls that some believed didn’t go very well with her complexion while others thought that the curls were too bizarre. People had had their personal opinions to share, the most common ones were Rihanna didn’t look beautiful in blonde as she belongs to Afro ethnicity.

I don’t think so Rihanna should ever go for honey-blonde hair color sometime in the coming summers. She is better the way she is with her natural hair so she must not try changing the hair tone. She has appeared in red locks as well and that was romantic. Her sassy look with red curls was very well-accepted and appreciated by her fans. So she can try red and maroon in the coming days but no blonde or caramel anymore.

Feathers are the best of all Rihanna Fenty hairstyles because they lend her a face a nice shape. When she dances on the floor, the bangs get into her face, transforming her more admirable to us.

Rihanna’s wispy bangs also look flattering especially when she is hail and healthy. Recently she is focusing more on her diet plan and figure so this year we should expect her to get back with a ravishing curls  in different shades.Some of the best Rihanna Fenty hairstyles include 90s retro bangs, bouffant, Mohawk and side-shaved hair with a long straight cut quiff at the crown.

One side long and one side short Bob

This is a balanced hairstyle with one side long and one side short, it is also called an asymmetrical style due to its points. There are not many layers in this black short cut but there are definitely some points to be noticed. Overall it has improved her appearance to a good extent by turning her more attractive for our eyes.

Rihanna Fenty dimensional bob cut

Casual Maroon Hair

She has sported a lot of shortest styles but sometimes  she amazes us by wearing long locks. The style below is not only impressive but also catchy because it is making a match with her hazel eyes.

Rihanna Fenty long red hairstyles

Black Pixie:

The black was obviously the right choice for her wheat colored face and guess what she is looking like a perfect fashionista in it because the cut is creating a harmonized effect with her small yet gorgeous face.
Rihanna Fenty black pixie cut

This is red boss:

There are three points in her red style, you can notice that some shaving has also been done on the side and all the hair is brushed on one side for covering the forehead. Love this neutral mixed bright personality of hers.

Rihanna Fenty side bangs red

Gold is not bad for black

A lot of black women are even afraid of trying this hair color but she is wearing is quite confidently. It is just like giving a silent message to other women that having a black complexion does not mean you need to keep yourself away from the hair colors that you love the most.

Rihanna Fenty side-shaved hair

Greasy, Juicy pointed rolled back quiff

When her hair stylist was thinking of doing her hair, she/he might have an intention to make this lady a center of attraction out there in the event, they did some shavings and trimming and made a time line rolled back quiff out of centered bangs which is making her to appear flamboyant ever than before.

Rihanna Fenty African quiff hairstyle

My Lovely little perms:

Though all afro American women are already blessed with curls but the one style she is showing us below is not natural, she in fact had had a tight perming procedure done on the entire hair after having it dyed in a cool brown red color. She is looking like an African doll in this style.

Rihanna Fenty heavy red permed hair

Curls pinned in reverse:

You might be wondering as how this celebrity has managed to deal with such long curls on the forehead, well all the credit should be given to the style itself which is done by pinning up curls in a reverse or opposite position. The side shaving can also be seen on the sides of head. Rihanna Fenty mohawk curls




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