Some Great Hairstyles 2014 You Will Want to Remember

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We have already stepped in new year and it’s 2014. I knew that there would be new surprises waiting for us such as new clothing trends, new hairstyles trends and above all creative outfits’ cuts. The new year has been more of realistic year because models are not appearing in funky clothes and messy hairdos anymore. And there is no surprise that college girls and rock girls are already doing their best in order to create some new hairstyles 2014, so I have just made my collection of those creative looks that every woman may wish to rock this year.

There are numerous of hairstyles 2014 that include braid and ponytails- so let’s assume that braids are going to be favorite because they are being seen everywhere- on ramp, in streets and in colleges. There is no denying that braids lend a wonderful look to overall face structure but if they are done realistically they can make you even more modern than what you are now.

The difference between previous and new hairs styling is that girls have begun to choose rational hair colors rather than reds, pinks, burgundy and anything that is considered artificial. I have even seen girls wearing light pastel shades, I am not talking about ordinary pink shade, I am talking about light hint of pink that we often find in green tea when we mix it with milk. I am really glad that women are trying to be more rational in their hairstyling trends of 2014 and that they would show us best of their looks because this is all what we want. Moreover, I personally believe that odd colors won’t cut any more on hair for the fact that the lighter shade naturally enhances your face complexion and face frame. However, it doesn’t really mean that you need to follow the trend if you are not comfortable with it. If pastels are not in your good list, you can simply do what you are doing.

Here are some good hairstyles 2014 that I would like to share with you here.

Wonderful wavy hair 2014

long wavy hair 2014

┬áIt’s an inverted English braid 2014 with a touch of french

inverted braid 2014

Simple bangs falling over face with hints of sleek colors

hints of pastel on rolled haqir

Sleek beehive for black hair 2014

high bun for black hair

It’s a creative high beehive updo 2014

high bun 2014

Flower braid on light brown hair, so lovely

flower braid on fringe

Ginger red waves 2014

beautiful curly waves 2014

Two models showing combination of great ombre 2014

amazing ombre hair 2014

I must say that your appearance would turn out to be something you have always imagined only when you wear extraordinary stuff such as clothes, shoes and above all a new cut. A unique cut can transform you completely as long as you know how to fit in with this new change. Rest will be easy for you. Add some highlights if possible.


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