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If we talk about the trends and fashions of the year, it is obvious that girls are displaying more of hair colors this year than they have shown in the previous year. There are tremendous hair colors and hairstyles trends 2014 for moderns girls but today we will talk about some basic shades of red and some basic colors that have hints of both brown and red. Some hair even looks brown in shade but they just have a hint of brown in it.
Here are some hairstyles in red shades that you must be familiar with:
Red and orange layered ombre hairstyles trends 2017:

Check the picture of the model she has hints of scarlet red hair highlights along with light orange ombre at the bottom.

Red Maroon Ombre Bob hairstyle trends 2017: 

Not to mention that bob hair cut will stay in fashion in 2017 just like it always has been for years. Check this red maroon ombre bob hair 2017, giving slight shade of plum

Brown Red curls and hair color ideas 2017:

This girl has got something in her eyes which speak for her beauty. She is wearing long brown red curls 2017 that are so minimalistic and cute.

Brown red braid bun with hair color ideas 2017:

This is one of the many unique hair color ideas 2017 to braid hair around the updo, for you may have to put effort into making three tiered bun.

Red Layered shaggy curls and hair color ideas 2017:

This is one of the most beautiful hairstyle trends 2017 I have found. The hair color is pure red as it should be, her hair is cut into layered first and is turned to curly shags through styling tools.

 Cherry Red Pixie cut 2017:

Her hair is having a good ombre of three shades; pink, grey and cherry red. The cut is smooth and beautiful.

Some more ideas are as follows.

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