Modern Hair Coloring Techniques

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Have you decided to change your hair color this year but are confused as which color would complement your complexion and facial tone? Find below some useful hair coloring techniques and methods to discover what shades are trending these days and how modern girls are coloring their natural hair.

Koolaid Dip Dying

One of many hair color techniques that women love these days is dip dying of course.For those who would prefer a cheaper solution to dip dying hair in vibrant colors. Dip dying in Koolaid can be the answer. The most commonly used color is red but you can be creative and pick out other Koolaid colors. Be sure to use Koolaid to unsweetened Koolaid so it doesn’t interfere with the dying process. Bleached hair can further the vibrant effect of this technique for darker hair tones, but unbleached hair can be used as well. The method involves dipping the hair in Koolaid mixed with warm water for a few minutes and rinsing it the next day. Using ragged clothes, an unwanted towel and old bedding material would be best, to avoid messing up your favorite items Koolaid dip dying is one of the easiest hair coloring techniques that most girls are using these days.

basic dip dying mohawk

Pastel purple dip dying



Honey Dipped /Ombre Hair

By dip dying the hair only with the strategic use of bleach, the right shades can be achieved. This hair tone is primarily used for dark hair styles where the roots of the hair remain dark, and the tips are highlighted in varying shades to receive a graded effect.  This hair style can be done both at home, or styled at the salon for professionalism.  All that’s required is dip the ends parts of the hair in hair bleach for varying number of time. Care must however be taken in styling the bleached, or Ombre area as it becomes easier to break.  Moisturizing the hair is a good idea in general but adding heat protecting spray would be best before heat styling. Just be sure the moisturizer is compatible with heating if you use heat styling products. The beauty of this hair style it’s compatibility with all hair styles. With darker skin tones it can give the illusion that the hair has been hone dipped. If the bleach lightens the hair too much, some dye can be used to fix the hair shading. The idea of ombre hair coloring is trending more these days because one can get the effect of two or three toned colors in the haircut very easily.

honey hair color curls

Honey dip ombre hairstyle 2016


Temporary Methods of Dying Hair

Works best for people who don’t want to risk losing their original hair color, and for those who can’t afford to cut their hair shorter when dying mistakes occurs. The method can be used as a quick save to achieve that spicy look, with minimal effort and minimal risks. Here are some ideas. Temporary techniques of hair coloring is very effective when you want your hair color to last for few days only rather than few months or days.

temporary hair coloring with undercut

Eye Shadow Highlights

You can purchase eye shadow to color your hair by swapping the eye shadow palette against your hair. This technique is best for creating temporary highlights of vibrant colors. The eye shadow can be fixed to your hair with hairspray. One wash will take it away. Another variation is to mix pigment with hair cream
or another favorite styling product that usually works for your hair, and rub it in the desired section you want highlighted.

ombre of teal dip dying

Hair Chalking

If eye shadow is too expensive to afford, another zany way is to rub different colored chalk on your hair. It’ll give your hair a vibrant pastel look. A word of precaution would be that this method may dry out your strands. Rubbing hair cream or moisturizer after chalking your hair is highly recommended. Another alternative to chalk is the use of soft pastels. Some companies are now supplying hair chalk as a professional product. Hair chalking is another term in contemporary hair coloring techniques of the today’s times.

dip dying tie knot hairstyle


Yarn Hair

By tying yarn extensions to your hair and braiding it in a preferred style, you can give the hair the illusion of possessing colored highlights. This method is safe as no work is done to your hair.

yarned hair in hair coloring

Highlighted extensions

Similar to adding yarn hair you can add extensions that have been either fully dyed or dip dyed to give you that special look. By using dyed extensions you can achieve several looks from ombre, to dip dyed hair. The best part is you do not have to risk your hair if it’s of a more delicate nature. You can purchase and dye your own extensions, just check if it’s possible to do so before experimenting with a good pair.

hair extension in hair coloring

There are more things that you can do with your hair. The use of chalk is a better options for those who don’t want to go for complicated hair coloring methods for the fear of having damaged hair as a result. The hair coloring techniques mentioned above are the maximum methods valid today, if there is any other term I have not mentioned that’s because it’s not as popular as the terms explained above are.

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