Blue hair color for men

If you have tried all blonde and black hair dyes in the recent year, may be this year you should try some of the colors from these bold hair colors for men 2018 which I am going to share below. Now you can wear blue, purple and green hair color with ease , nobody will judge you for wearing a distinct or unique hair color. You have a personality of your own and you can wear any hair dye shade that your heart craves without caring about what people would think of it.

Let me mention that men of the 21st century are bolder and more fashionable than ever before, they know how to pull of hair colors which are sometimes assumed overbold/sharp for the masculine gender. It does not matter what your gender is since fashion is not restricting you to wear certain color, particularly in today’s time when men can wear about anything they want just like women.

I am now sharing some hair colors for men 2018 which are somewhat bold though, you should try these colors out because they will definitely help you catch the attention of people around you. Even if you are not an attention seeker you will definitely feel more confident in public when people will admire you for your fashion sense- be unique to be adored by everyone.

A hair color can definitely transform you completely, forget that blonde and ash blonde/gold highlights are the only way to add depth and dimension to the hairstyle, now you can try some bold hair colors 2018 which are being tried out by many other men who are brave enough to showcase fashion without fearing anything.

These highlights are good for men with long hair.


Beautiful hair highlights for men 2018 violet

This is bold sky blue color for long curly hair.Blue hair color for men

You can make quite a huge fashion statement by wearing blue hair.
Blue hair color ideas for men 2018Frohawk dyed in green color. Bold green men hair color 2018

Pastel colors are also trending these days they can transform your bangs or shaved hair.Hair color for men 2018Be sure to dye your beard when you dye your hair. The color must match or co-ordinate or you will look an alien. Hair color for men who wear beards

Hair colors for men 2018, these ideas would suit the men who have long hair.Hair color for men with long hair 2018Dying undercut sides or whole head could be fun as well.Hair color ideas for men who wear undercut hairstyles Hair coloring ideas for menHair color ideas for men who wear beard, just dye the beard and wear the boldest hair color hues. Hair colors for men with beard Hair dye color for men 2018Silver gray hair color can transform your hairstyle easily. Pastel hair color for men 2018 Pastel hair color ideas for men 2018 Plantinum hair color for men 2018 Shaved men hair color ideas Silver gray hair color ideas for men 2018 Trendy funky hair color for men Zayn malik pastel hair color ideas for men

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