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The trend for all years especially this summer is warm colors such as bronde, coppery red head, as applying balayage, as well as gradient or ombre hair. Sassy trends like dip dying your hair in bright colors are also in.  Here are some insights into the trends of 2015-2016. Some of these trends can be done in the safety of your home. A few temporary methods are also suggested for those who would like to preserve their locks. Here are some great hair color ideas for cute girls.


Permenant Methods for Dying Hair

From henna, to regular hair dye these methods require handling with care as the results usually last a few months. With the resent dying trends though, applying partial hair dye, or bleaching some but not all of it has become a la trend. Even beginners can benefit from these techniques. Read below to dind out more.

hair dying

Balayage Hair for hair dying

This hair style is perfect for those who already have blonde hair, or who prefer dying their hair blonde. The idea of balayage hair is one of the most preferable and common hair color ideas.It can also be used to adjust darker tones to remove grey hairs or adjust the color slightly. The beauty of this technique for dyed blonde hair is the ability to give the hair a natural look. The hair dye is brushed strategically or artistically by the hair stylist to give it shades in certain spots, thus giving it a more natural and richer color. The technique works best by using tones that are similar to your hair shade. Balayaging could also be used to achieve an ombre effect for blonde hair tones/

Henna Dyed Hair

Henna is not only healthy for the hair. It is in trend with this year’s current fashions. Henna is usually therapeutic and soothing.  It’s a good solution for those who have delicate hair. For the best results, it is important to use the best quality henna for your hair. Selecting a dealer, who sells 100% grade Henna is recommended. A good henna to start with is Indian henna, as it’s gentle on the most sensitive skin.  There are two pathways to take when dying your hair with henna. To achieve a close to firey red look you can bleach your hair first, especially if you have dark hair. This is not a necessity for lighter colored tones of hair. Or you can add it to dark hair to preserve your original color and add a red tinge, when your hair is kissed with sunlight.
Dip Dyed Hair

Not only can this type of dying fit all color tones. It’s a safe on the roots, and also very DIY (do it yourself friendly. Those who want to experiment with hair dye for the first time can probably go for dip dying. It’s also safe on the roots and if it goes badly the first time, the tip of the hair can be cut off preserving your original hair. Dip dying can work without bleach for those with lighter colored hair. It may require bleaching for those with darker colored hair. Choosing the light color that fits your hair and skin tone is the key to making this look work.  The flexibility with making the tone subtle or vibrant is also all left in your hands. Check the tips below for variations to traditional dip dying.






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