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If the natural tone of your hair is brown, light brown or auburn brown, you can do a lot of changes in your hairstyles and hair color to look sexier, edgier and smarter. Many men detest having a dark hint of brown shade in the hair and they keep dying the hair in black, dark brown or other color which is natural in their opinion and point of view. Guys you don’t need to be ashamed of your hair color even if you are completely blonde, you may feel that you are a bit different from your colleges and friends, but at least you have some slight amount of uniqueness in the look that’s note-worthy.

Born with brown hair color? No need to change it

There is no need to change hair color, instead you can give your personality a twist by adding few colors in the hair, I am not talking about unnatural colors nor recommend you to go with those notorious em-streaks who spoil or mess masculinity. When choosing a color for hair streaks you need to be rational and realistic as the color will stay there for several months and I don’t think you want to be called a fashion nerd in the public places. Refrain from using odd hair colors as they will break your image in front of community instead of making it more strong and respectable.
There are a lot of hair streak ideas for men with brown hair, for instance a slight hint of blonde highlight will set off your appearance while making you modern at the same time. In the same way, some golden and glossy brown highlights can define your look in a far better way than other bright colors (neon blue, purple and green).

Pictures of hair streak ideas for men with brown hair:
I believe that pictures speak better than word, let’s have a look at some of the most popular hair streak ideas for men with brown hair explained in the images below:

The base is glossy brown and the streaks are mixed- blonde and lighter gold in shade, good for men with fair skin and colored eyes

Look at this picture of a Japanese teenage boy, he is sporting nice dark brown and blonde highlights. If you look closely you will find that the base color is light brown and has a rough texture, but he is looking stylish. His streaks are hiding all the flaws he got in his hair.

orange streaks men

Fair skin, light Grey eyes color, and pink lips- this guys has got everything we girls look for in our boyfriends. I believe the amount of beauty in his look is actually driven by his streaks, he is carrying beautiful spikes while streaks are hardly noticeable as if they are merged within the base color.

blonde highlights men

Not only has this young man got fire in his eyes but also in his hairstyles, streaks are so visible, giving impression of a running bonfire. The hairstyle he is wearing in the image is not spikes nor pompadour, he has set his layered up in a spiky impression. Not side cut but slim cut.

natural brown highlights men

This boy is trying to tell you that men who wear glasses also tend to be classier than usual. Dark brown base and light brown streaks, what a cool combination.

light brown highlights

He is probably a blonde man, but look how beautiful he covered the blonde hair with brown dye and then twist his look by getting streaks done.

fire golden highlights men

Layers must be noticeable and flattering, this is the motto of this sassy, game-player like young college man. Look how defined his layers are and that’s because of orange blonde streaks.

hair streaks men

Who told you that beach boys should only be wearing surfer haircuts? Long layers can also do better at the beach while hot girls are lurking around wanting to get a glimpse of a young boy with strong body and sexy hairstyle. His streaks are completely merged, find out the effect yourself if you can.

brown highlights for men

Dark brown slick back hairstyle with ash blonde streaks. Not to mention blonde and golden colors are always to be found whenever there is a talk about best hair streak ideas for men with brown hair.

blonde streaks men

Do you think you can wear such dominant streaks over the base of dark brown hair. Let’s not forget that his hairstyle is far different from layers, the front hair is kept longer for a better style. Edgy bangs of chocolate boy!

light golden streaks men

Last picture of my collection is of a young college boy, he is wearing golden blonde streaks over the base of dark brown hair. He is looking better than Justin Bieber, isn’t he?

ash blonde streaks men


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