Some useful Hair Streaks Ideas for men

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When it comes to hair streaks and hair colors men usually have very limited options in terms of shades because they can’t sport unnatural colors like women such as blue, purple, violet and green. However, there are some funky men who dare to try and wear any hair color shade regardless of their impression, personality and the impact it might make in society. And these are those who belong to certain groups such as hippie group or rock stars or bikers. These men can wear any shade shamelessly as they know they will be praised in all forms, no matter what they do to their hair and how badly a haircut messes up with their appearance.

In most cases, hippies wear stylish and unique hair colors- highlights that help them to stand out in the crowd. On the contrary, as per a thumb rule an average, rational guy would never choose a hair color that may ruin the beauty of their impression on others.

Question is what are good hair streaks ideas for men, the ideas that actually work for men of all group and ages? Well, for youngsters or underage, there is no limit or restriction as they are allowed to experiments with their looks but for mature and university students I have just one suggestion to give and that’s don’t ever dye your hair in a color that you are not able to carry comfortably in society.

Fire streaks for men

orange streaks men

Fire streaks on big layered spikes

summer orange streaks men

streaks for men



Side-shaved hair with fire spikes with highlights

gold streaks men

How to Mix Shades?


There are three hair streaks ideas for men. The first idea is to dye the base hair in brown and the rest of hair in a bright tone such as caramel, brown, dark brown, burgundy, honey, cream, or blonde. The second idea is to get a fine haircut and then highlight a few hair stands here and there to make the cut more prominent. The third idea is to get your hair dyed in three colors using two light toned hair colors and one dark toned shade such as brown should be combined with ash blonde and honey color. You have got to be very concerned about the color and make sure to make your pick according to your facial appearance, complexion and race. You can’t give a highlight of butte scotch to your hair while you are black because it will disturb your facial appearance. To be safe, you can, however, opt for a bit darker shade such as auburn brown it might complement your face color and overall African or Asian features.

caramel streaks men


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