Hair Tattoo Ideas for women

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Looking for a way to upgrade your hairstyle because the old one is too boring to look sassy? How about getting some buzz cut done or getting side-shaving from a professional saloon in order to make others to stop considering you as a little college girl anymore? Luckily, these hair tattoo ideas for women have some grace as well as productivity they can give a sudden upgrade to the style.

One thing you’ll notice in all hair tattoo ideas  for women is that they are not overdone. The pattern is neatly done and there are fewer colors used for highlighting the designs. It is up to you as how many colors you want to have on your hair tattoo but keep in mind that lesser experiments would guarantee a sleeker finish.

Curvy Curves

This is for highly enthusiastic and brave women because it requires a lot of bravery to don this style with the confidence. Though people have started to welcome women with weird side cuts or shaved hair but there is still a chance that you will face some criticism for adapting a fashion which is not conventional or is too controversial to accept.

You can wear a hair tattoo like this if you think you will not be objected by others.  There is nothing wrong in wearing a short boy inspire haircut either after all fashion is boundless.

women hair tattoo pattern

Box inside box

I like this unique look because there are some nice bangs falling which have colors like orange and red and yellow besides there is a unique tat with a nice geometrical design. The good thing about such designs is that they look unique all times.  Also there is no risk involved because razor or machine is used for the creation. The hair grows back in the place after weeks.

hair tattoo for women

Blonde and Black

The idea is not very new, I am sure you have already seen party girls wearing and showing brown vs blonde hair variations, this one is unique in its own place because an extensive side shaving has been done underneath the base hair.side-shaved blonde women haircut

Wild Mohawk for women

Well who says that only hippie girls are allowed or have the rights to wear mohawk, you can wear them too, in order to make a different and impressive style statement about your personality.

hair tattoo pattern for women

There are many more ideas that you can use, these are just common ones that have inspired me. Remember that side shaving is a part of tattoo designs because without loosing some hair you cannot dream to have a pattern on your head, therefore you should prepare your mind to decide whether or not you are mentally ready to bear the loss of some hair for a new style.

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