Haircut Ideas for Men

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There are an enormous variety of ways to wear your hair long as a man. There are lengths that stop at the shoulder, the ears or even the middle of the back. These are a couple of long haircuts for men to choose from. Although many men imagine they are unable to wear the longer haircut or style in the office, many of these can work out in the corporate dress code with a little effort.
Bangs and varitions
Layers are terrific for men with thicker hair. Thicker hair benefits because layers make the hair look as if it’s thinner than it actually is. The thinner look takes away from the puffy appearance which happens around the ears.

Any length of hair and any texture will work well with this haircut for men.When you get the layered haircut you can choose from refined, rough or hip. All of these are stress free for styling as well as frame the face flatteringly.To accomplish the layered haircut start with shorter layers at the top and longer ones as you work out toward the ends. Highlights or color can be added if desired.

His bangs have brushed in up direction.

reglular spiky haircut idea men 2016

This is a warhawk hairstyle with hair brushed up.

warhawk haircut ideas for men
Medium fringes
Getting a one length haircut works fantastic for any man with thinning hair. Having one length of hair all around gives the appearance of a fuller head of hair. However, if you do not have thin hair and still like the style, do not fear. The best way style to wear the one length cut for those without thinning hair is to the shoulder.Any hair texture works with this type of haircut for men. Even the curly or wavy can get away with it. Straight hair needs more maintenance with the one length cut because it is easy to tell when hairs are out of place.

multi level layer cut idea men 2016

This one is actually semi medium layer cut which has been styled into a rockability style. It is looking amazing on his face.medium rockability hairstyling idea men

Short haircuts ideas for men with side shaving
Many men avoid the longer haircuts because of the amount of work involved in keeping it looking great. These are styles which need more maintenance and grooming than their shorter counterparts. Styling products in addition to brushing and combing throughout the day keep things look their best. here are some short hairstyles that don’t take much time. The hair on the sides have been cropped and shaved depending on the requirement of the cut itself.

modern haircut ideas for men

This is a fantastic way to get some curves in your bangs. Use a lot of gel to achieve this style.

brilliant hairstyle for men ith long bangs

Can you see that all the head is buzzed from back to temple. The hair has been cut shorter in the middle area as compared to the front head.undercut hair idea for men with buzzed nape

Cool and Unique cuts

All of the longer styles need a part unless you go with a comb back of the entire front section of hair. Decide wear your part looks best. Some like the side while others enjoy the middle. Wherever you feel comfortable is okay, there is no right or wrong way to go with this.

classy buzz cut hairct idea men 2016

Small hair has been tousled perfectly to get textures.

curly haircut idea for men with side shaving

This is the classiest haircut ideas for men because the hair has been divided in two and brushed back.

classy backbrushed regular haircut idea

Just in case you love rock and roll haircut ideas of 1960s and 1970s  you will love this style. It would make you distinct.1970s inspired haircut

Lots of celebs will put a part on the side to wear a longer swept bang to hide part of the face. Country musicians have a tendency to go with the middle part which lets hair flow around the face to frame it. Though, when working in the business world a tamer look would work best.

In conclusion
One of the things many men miss out on is what type of haircut looks best for your face shape. Long haircuts work wonderfully for men with a heart shaped, oval and round faces.



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