Stylish Haircuts 2016 for men!

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There would be thousands of stylish haircuts 2016 for men to discover online but not every blogger is enthusiastic like me to promote all the traditional and non traditional haircuts that every person must have in his knowledge before getting a style done at the barber’s.  The hair stylist may give a piece of advice on what haircut would suit your facial features, skin tone and face type but he will not ever mention all the styles that exist in the hairstyle magazine for men.

Few hair stylists believe that men should opt for the ordinary or regular haircuts such as layers, side cut and buzz cut because the fashion has limits for them unlike women. I don’t believe what they say or believe- even you should believe on what your heart tells you, if you feel like wearing pink bangs even you are working in a giant company like MS you need to do it- you should not be afraid of wearing the dress you adore and pulling the haircut you fall for.  It’s good to be yourself than to be someone you don’t like. If you have an interest for punk music and you adore their big Mohawk style you can get a one, too, but make sure you do it in a unique way, without overriding the boundaries that you must confide within being a respected individual of the society.

In my list of stylish haircuts 2016 for men, there are few names which you usually hear such as Mohawk, front bangs, side wisps and bangs, but the patterns of the styles in the illustrations are different than you have seen. If you have seen someone wearing a Mohawk, it’s a normal thing unless you witness that the pattern of the layers in hair is cut dimensional or has been dyed for a stunning facial transformation.

Kind of Symmetrical haircut on black

This cut is not very popular though it may get popular soon. You can wear it ease but you need to put up with the hair that keep on falling into eye.

Angular chopped haircut men 2016

Pink bowl cut with fringes

The length of fringe is moderate and comfortable. The points are given to the haircut according to face shape.

Buzzed nape haircut men 2016

Beautiful flattop for men 

Don’t wear this style if you have wide forehead and long face shape, you may want to browse some other cuts of the same genre for your face shape. You can notice that his face appears to be longer even it is skim and oblong, this is how a flattop can add height to your face.

Flattop haircut men 2016

Fringe with asymmetrical bowl cut

Bowl cut is said o suppress the height of the face, his face is not long though but the cut seems to be dominant on him because he’s not mature.

Fringe cut men 2016

Crew cut 2016

I like this stylish crew cut because it has got some nice layers that can be styled with pomade.

men haircut 2016

Faux hawk 2016

There is just one thing done on this haircut and it is chopping all around, the clippers are used to give some edgy appearance to the locks.

middle mohawk haircut men 2016

Regular haircut 2016

It is good for teenager boys.

Sideshaved haircut men 2016

Medium Mohawk cut

This haircut is very stylish because the crew type point can be seen on the left but it’s actually a Mohawk. The hair is all up and edgy points are stranding straight.
Mohawk haircut men 2016

Medium Crew cut

Here is the most beautiful crew with lengthy hair on the forehead and short in the middle of the head.Stylish haircut for men 2016I hope you have enjoyed reading all these stylish haircuts 2016 for men, if you have any nice piece of advice to offer with regards to this subject you can send it to us.




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