Creative hairstyle drawings

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To me and many others, hairstyling is an art just like makeup and dressing. Whatever you do to adorn your beauty and body is considered art because it is based on an idea that triggers an action. The action is executed by a plan which is followed by the idea.  I don’t want to make it complex- let’s make it simple, when you are too young to try complicated retro braidings, your mother tells you to go for simple fishtail and french hairdos, she sometimes also does your hair to prepare you for the school or college, this is when you are dependent on others. Once you come out as an independent girl after becoming mature enough to try new hairstyle and fashion, the phase involves a lot f experiment. This is the phase when you have to teach yourself how to do hairstyles yourself without looking over bold or sharp, keep in mind that all the sharp and bright shades are not for you, they can compromise with the facial innocence, so here comes some impressive hairstyle drawings that would give you an idea of how to do the hair when you are young.

I just suggest every girl to take hairstyle more seriously like makeup. Your makeup must not include more than a lip gloss during teen years because the more chemicals you will apply the more hazards your skin would face, so be careful what you put on. However these restrictions don’t exist for hairstyles, you can try any hairstyle as long as it is good for your age.  Check more Impressive hairstyle drawings to understand what I mean.

Teenage Girl with a dimple

Dressed up in a school uniform, this little girl has a nice smile to make us feel motivated. She reminds me of the old days when I was young and energetic. In school days, we all are very concerned about our looks and it’s a usual thing because we are adorned by friends and appreciated by our teachers. This girl seemingly has some highlights which are natural when you are born blonde.

teenager haircut drawings

Winter Season and red locks

When we grow up to be a teenager we start to embrace our naturally beauty and adorn it by dying our hair and hair highlights. Check her expressions, they are translating the energy that young girls usually have.

teenager hairstyle drawings

Red Hair band on long hair

This hair drawing depicts a normal, street style blonde girl who loves wearing hair bands and accessories. Her earrings loops show us that she is from the current time.  Black liner is complementing her dark brown eyes.

teenager bangs drawing

Feminine hair braid drawing

This one is my favorite because hair highlights are visible and noticeable on the brown base, also check the pattern of the braid in which all stitches are done correctly with the colors.

drawing of formal braid 2014

Blonde girl hairstyle drawing

She is wearing makeup and trying to be ready for the day, this hairstyle drawing is very impressive and creative.

casual hairbraid for teenager

Party hairstyle drawing

This is a drawing of an average white girl having long black locks with some brown low lights. She is prepared nicely for the party and has very nice brown hairs.

drawing of party hairstyle

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