Hairstyles for Busy Mother

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We have finally stepped in to 2014 and of course all parents are making so many plans already- for kids, domestic complications, vacations and personal career. It’s not easy to raise children in this time of inflation and economical recession and it is definitely not easy to put the food on the table three times a day. However, a good mother is not a person who only cooks food for children, take care of them, and do what it takes to be a mother. If you are a busy mother just like Kim Kardashian and Anglina Jolie, you might have realized that it’s not just easy to keep a pace between fashion, personal life, and home duties. The life becomes hectic from the point you give birth to your first kid and from this point on, you have to learn to live with a big load of responsibility. Keep in mind that you are also a normal person of society besides being a good mother, so what you have got to do is take care of your hair and skin.
Though many busy mothers of 2014 may be sticking with the wrong conception that there are not many hairstyle options for house wives, there are some women who are not believing these old-timed claims about fashion because they know they have got to look beautiful no matter what happens. Regardless of their age and busy schedule, they style their hair, put on makeup and buy good clothes for regular days.
I have tons of info to share about hairstyles for busy mother but I will make this post short and sweet by sharing some basic and easy ideas.
Five Hairstyles for busy mother
High-ponytail for mother: You will definitely look out of this world if you wear a high-ponytail while you go out shopping to the grocery store or play in the garden with the kid.

Top-knot bun for busy mother: All models are showing their finest top-knot buns walking on the runways, you don’t need to be a model to wear two knots, do you?

Hair clipping for busy mother: Catching few naughty hair strands from the front head into a big clip is a good idea to save yourself from unwanted distraction during work. Don’t let short shags fall in the eyes while you wash dishes or play with the kids.


Waves for busy mother: When the day is good and shinning and when there is a glee on the face of sun, you can go out in curls and let the sunshine pass through the wavy hair, giving you an ambiance you need to feel more beautiful.  Curling hair is one of the best hairstyles for busy mother.
Bangs hair for busy mother : If you don’t have plenty of time to do your hair, simply brush your hair and put on a cap. That’s it. Your bangs would look just as good as a delicate hair-do could.

hairstyles for busy mother


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