Hairstyles for medium hair

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The greatest thing about your medium length hair is the fact that you own both short and long styles. You literarily have the best of both worlds so why not go to the salon today and have the best out of it. Here is a list of trending medium length hairstyles to help you get on the way. Here are some best hairstyles for medium hair.

Cute and Sleek Bob

A shoulder length bob is a great way to wear your hair. Whether you pull it up to a pony tail or let it fall between your chin and your shoulder, the long nob is a perfect fit.

If your hair is thick and straight, this is perfect for you. Allow the hair to fall on your shoulder with a full part on the side you choose. A little bit of mess makes the hair better. Cascades are perfect girls’ hairstyles for medium hair. Remember that a cute bob can turn out to be your good choice if you are suffering from hair fall or any other hair related problems lately. The good solution for majority of problems is having all the hair trimmed and cut short.

slanted bob idea for medium hair

Stacked bangs with streaks, the color is complementing her skin tone.

medium stacked bob idea women

I love her low lights and highlights on the bob.

medium bob haircut idea

This one does not need any explanation, it speaks for itself, it has its own retro bob idea for medium hair

Braids and Classiness

Gone are the days when women had to find out the best way to braid their hair because it was never easier to tie those short bangs which would tamper with your attention the most during the daily chords.  Now there is a way to keep your hair tied in a braid and you don’t need special expertise to try one, here are some way for you to tame the medium locks.

medium hair braid idea for women

Purple braid, the contrast of violet highlights with it is mind blowing.medium knot braid idea for girls

Something extraordinary and visually attractive.cute braid idea for medium hair

The chains give an impression of metallic chain of a jewelery accent.chain braid ideas for medium hair

The sleek bun

A straight blonde hair with a middle part formed in to a bun at the back is great for teens and older women. It has also appeared on many altars this year and I think you should try it out.When you think of superiority and royalty, these hairstyles are perfect for you. Just in case you want to attend some nice parties and have been pondering over as what kind of bun would be practicable to do on your hair, here are some ideas that will help you get a sleek look.

classy updo idea for medium hair

Something like this can easily be tried at home.side hairdo idea for medium hair

It is an upside braid with a top bun. Love the idea.braided updo idea for medium hair

Pony tail

Part your hair in the middle and tightly pull it back. You can’t ever go wrong with your casual looking ponytail. Ponytails are being worn enthusiastically and are considered best party styles among other medium hairstyles  for girls.

ponytail idea for medium hair











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