Hairstyles for men who wear glasses

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There are some excellent 2017 hairstyles for men who wear glasses. The question is why men opt for glasses while there are contact lenses? The simple reason is comfort; with content lenses the health of the eyes is compromised to some extent; the lack of oxygen can cause red spots, blurriness and so many other conditions, therefore it’s wise to wear a pair of eye glass rather than using contacts on regular basis. However, those men who are conscious about their appearance and wanting to make a fashion statement by looking perfect should find out the right haircut for their face shape. Of course the hairstyle must go with the glasses that you wear as well.  The shape of the eye glasses can also be considered when getting a haircut done at the barber’s but it’s not necessary always.
Here are some contemporary and trendy 2017 hairstyles for men who wear glasses:
Long Crew Cuts 2017 for men who wear glasses
You might have heard of crew cut, which can be cut in medium, short, and semi-short length depending on one’s personal choice. The front top is usually cut longer while the hair on the back and the sides is tapered short, sometimes clippers is also used for the purpose but when excessive chopping is required for making a pattern onto hair. In a long crew cut style, the front hair can be set in a good way using the styling gel.

Long Layers 2017 for men who wear glasses
Wearing long wavy or straight layers is also a good styling option for men who wear glasses. To add beauty to the cut, some neutral or blonde or brown highlights can also be added in few fringes, especially ones near the hairline at the front.

Long Caesar haircuts 2017 for men who wear glasses
Long Caesar haircuts are always good, they are better than short ivy league haircuts because the hair is not cut short in length which allows for versatility during hairstyling. You can sweep the front hair right or left or the way you feel comfortable.
Gel-treated side swept hairstyles 2017 for men who wear glasses
Gel treated side swept bangs having some wet makeover and feel always look sexy. The slick back or side brushed hair is worn by those men who either work in an office or a professional environment where there is no room for flaws even with regards to personal appearance.
Cropped Haircuts 2017 for men who wear glasses
Getting a cropped haircut from front hairline to down to the back and sides will give a distinct definition to your face shape, making it more prominent. No matter what shape of the glasses you wear on regular basis, if you have a right crop cut done, it will always compliment the whole appearance.

Brushed Forward Haircuts 2017 for men who wear glasses
If you wear glasses regularly without missing a day, you should opt for a haircut that is easy to maintain and control such as brushed forward haircut 2017. The cut will require you to use the brush with a special skills for setting the small shags professionally. The shags can be overlapped onto each other or be set into vertical spikes by finger combing.

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