fantastic updo black hair

The myth is ‘there is just one hair type for black hair’. No belief could ever be more far away from the truth, though they share some characteristics which distinguish them from other hair types. They are generally drier, easily broken, and grow more slowly than other types. However, they differ in hair textures and struggling to find a style that stands out is no task.
If your series of hairstyle has however hit a blank or you’re just looking for something off the hook, I’ve helped you pick out a couple that should do both your beauty and hair justice:
wavy hairstyles ideas for black hair
Using a flatiron, you make your roots and the weave mesh without border creating some lovely curls with great body. There is a lot one can do with their hair to bring out the natural brilliance of it.

The highlights have made the waves extraordinary and unique. The side tattoos have brilliant pattern.

Wavy hairstyle black hair

Adding more curls to the waves would make your black hair lovely.
beautiful tight waves

Afro hairstyles for black hair

The afros never go out of fashion. Blow your hair; make it look like a balloon.  You can add curls and colour and funk it up as you like. It’s truly for the black hair.If you have black, bouncy hair that shines throughout the day, you can set some sexy waves on them to attract others.

These are ordinary or nasty kinky curls, they have fine structure which you seek in a sober style.

kinky afro hairstyle black hair

This afro hairstyle has added health and volume to the hair texture, which has ultimately make her oblong face to appear healthy.tight kinky curl afro hairstyle

Braids for black hair

Flaunt your creativity. Make the braids however you want. Whether it is the fast and easy three strands braids or cornrows, the choice is yours.

This is also becoming popular among the blacks in general. It saves the effort in maintaining and styling black hair and could also add glamour, class and wildness if chosen well.

Keep in mind that braids look lovely on black hair regardless of hair length because the shine of black hair becomes more prominent when hair is divided into sections for styling.

cornrow braid black hairs

Extensions are also used in the cornrows for healthy finish.
cornrows afro hairstyle

Updo hairstyles

It’s all pretty clear in itself. Arrange your hair how you want it. Don’t forget to adorn your hair with hair accessory such as a hair pink, metallic clip or flower pin whatever comes handy during hairstyling.
Just go celebrate the great hair day.

Brilliant, brilliant, billiant

fantastic updo black hair

Can you notice that purple yarn is used in the making of this updo? It’s amazing, isn’t it?updo hairstyle black hairI hope you have enjoyed my brief illustrations on hair ideas for black hair. I will update this post with more soon, let me know what you think- have your say.



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