Hairstyling for men with beard ! One Great Idea to Follow

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You are not a hippie type who would like to grow hair longer than the accepted length; you are not even the funky type either who would dye hair in yellow or red to get attention, so what you are? You are a trend setter in your own way and you like donning a unique style no matter what it takes.

To date, I have not seen many men doing extensive experiments with their beards and facial hair, but luckily I have found a few men trying to teach a unique way of wearing the colored beard with the natural or dyed hair.

Dying your beard in a different color may make you a bit odd to the society but who cares? Fashion is adorable as well as acceptable if it is unique. Bring out the uniqueness by adapting to different trends. The addition of a small nose pin will make you more appealing to your friends. However, it may be considered taboo as well. Unless you are living in a liberal society, the idea of wearing two colors in beard and hair is viable. Just go for it and see what your friends have to say about you.

Here I am with new hairstyling for men with beard. Who doesn’t like men with sleek beard and a slight dimple on the cheek? Who doesn’t like men with the latest haircut? Of course all women do, so guys it’s time to wear something very different to impress them.

If you have been wearing black hair for a long time because it’s the only natural shade you can possibly pull off throughout the year. Think again. Do you really want to wear the black hair all year without even giving a single try to other shades such as blonde or white premium? There is no harm in doing so if you have a fair skin tone, so let’s just do an experiment this year and wear black beard with blonde hair.

The men whose photo shoot I am sharing here would inspire you for sure. Just see how confident he is with his blonde hair and black beard, don’t even laugh at his style because he is too perfect to be laughed at.

Check these to feel inspired and don’t think that you will be taken as a retard if you follow this idea, though it is beyond traditional approach for hairstyling but it’s not taboo or odd.

Keep up the confidence when you style it

Don’t let people think that you are insane just because you have chosen to wear something different, instead try to convince them you are trendy and you keep a different fashion sense than the others.

haircuts bearded man 2015The Gray Color is Smooth

bearded man haircuts 2015

Keep Up with your style
2015 bearded men haircut 2015

Do Some Experiments and Brush Gray Hair Back to be Impressivehairstyle for men with beard 2015

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