Half sleeves tattoos for women


Have you got a love for artistic ink design and like to flaunt it at will? Then the half sleeve tattoo is for you. The half sleeve tattoo is one of the coolest tattoos a lady can wear. The sleeves provide a perfect place to ink your design, showing your feminine charm, love and sensuality. Unlike the foot and ankle tattoos, the half sleeve does not hurt much.

Like other forms of body arts, the half sleeve tattoo should be original and depict one’s character so here is a few to get your ideas on the way, here are some half sleeves tattoos  for curious and amateur women:

Bouquet of flowers: imagine an artistic impression of a number of roses or lilies wrapped around your arms in ink. Flowers have been among favorite designs as most girls and women love them for being natural and colorful. A simple rose or a full bouquet of flowers make a nice design for half sleeve tattoos.

The delicacy and softness of the petals can be seen in the inking easily.

delicate flower bouquet tattoo half sleeves

The dark petals have highlighted the red tone of the flowers.

blood red rose tattoos sleeves

This is a 3D version of the half sleeve rose tattoo.

3d rose bouquet tattoo half sleeves

Some lilies in good colors- the entire garden is covering the sleeve area.floral half sleeve tattoos for women

Cartoon characters: various cartoon characters such as Barbie or fairies would do your beauty a great favor. They look lovely if you still have a child alive somewhere within. Of course it is always there, we grow up but always cherish childhood memories. Nobody can ever forget about their favorite cartoon series and characters. It is just that we grow up with time but our interests change but the childish wishes remain inside.

cartoon tattoo half sleeve

Spider man is also a great tattoo idea.

spiderman tattoo half sleeves

Mickey mouse will revive the memories of childhood.mickey mouse tattoo half sleeve

Koi fish: a fully multicolored Japanese koi fish is a great element for the upper arm. They are considered auspicious animal by tattoo lovers, perhaps they bring some positivism in life by erasing the dark sides.

yellow koi fish half sleeve tattoo

I like this one because it very artistic with a lot of black inking.

scaled koi fish tattoo half idea

The more colors the better.colorful koi fish tattoo half sleeves

Portraits: have you ever loved someone you give an arm for? Take your love to the next level by making their portraits on your arm. Eminem thinks it’s cool too. Portraits are seen trending now. The portrait could be of your favorite female or male television star/character depending on your choice. If you truly adore someone to the extent where you cannot stop making them a real part of your life then having their tattoo on the body would be kind of a remarkable thing to do, it will just make your character a memory in form of permanent body marking.

portrait tattoo half sleeve

It has a vintage girl.

girl portrait tattoo half sleeve

Dream catcher: protect your loved ones with this ancient tradition now imbibed in you. The tattoo can also motivate you towards your goals and ambitions.

Lettering: It could be in any language and in any format, choose the text as your name or name of a loved one. I love lettering tattoo the most because they convey some kind of message or meanings that make them even more sensible as compared to simple designs. Letters are the best ideas for half sleeve tattoos.

letter tattoo half sleeves

It reads Paradise where I am. You can pick a random quote if you want to or a statement that means a lot to you.


Whether you want to hide your tattoo or flaunt it, the half sleeve tattoo is perfect in both cases. It can help you to protect your privacy while at the same time it can impress others by showing your taste in colors and tattoo designs, specially during night parties.

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