You are partying out this Halloween and there would be so many friends joining you out there- you are planning to do a lot of interesting stuff such as barbecuing, preparing scary dishes for the dinner, making a plan to surf the terrifying haunted houses and scaring your friends though ‘dare’ games. I know it is going to be a lot fun for everyone- what about your makeup? Have you already learned a technique or two in order to transform yourself from a beautiful girl to an ugly witch, you just need some paint done here and there to get that horrifying ‘x-factor’ on personality.

I was checking with the latest and Halloween hairstyle tutorial the other day when I came across a post on how to make a spider updo using bobby pins and simple hair accessories, I am sharing a tutorial with you here now.

This simple Halloween hairstyle tutorial is easy to understand, you need to do your experiment one or two times in order to be perfect in the end. The first step is making an updo on the hair by tying all hair up, for you need a pom pom , you can also use a rubber band for it and then pinned up hair on the side of the hole in sections.

The second step is making the spider on your hair, the tricky part is attaching the legs to the bun.The spider leg must be pinned up properly or it would look tacky, do it carefully just like shown in the tutorial below.

Here are some items that you need to create your style.

tutorial of halloween hairstyle

halloween hair tutorial

Use your accessories very creatively in order to make the style. All you need to do is create a bun first, let’s get started, it would be a lot of fun to do it.

Here is the final look.

spider updo for halloween 2014

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