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Tattoo designing is no more a contemporary fashion or is a part of personal style anymore, it has become much more than it as carving its name as a real art. I am myself a big fan of Holly Horror movies, they make your adrenaline pump faster in your veins, giving you fears for the things you haven’t encountered in real life. Watching a horror movie on weekends with friends has its own impact and joy, you feel energetic enough to fight against evils side by side you learn a truth about your life and that’s anything is possible. Death is a natural phenomena though but the genre gets more of your interest when you know that sometimes it’s not natural especially when someone is on haunt out there in jungles, deep canons, valleys, abandoned cabin or certain territories which are hardly a common public place. Moreover, you develop a fear for creatures that may or may not be real, legend has it all the Halloween movies are sometimes promoting real horror characters and they promote a story based on true events. However, it doesn’t mean there is no fiction involved in it, of course to add a more gore and horror touch in the story, some authors literally make up their own stories to give you real scares on demand- you love to watch fictional horror stories and enjoy to be scared.
Tattoo designing is not just limited to beautiful flowers, characters, fairies, dragons and koi fish anymore, there are some real horror fans who want to live characters from horror movies in real life by inking their persona on their bodies. For such fans, I have few horror characters’ tattoo designs that will be fun to have on body.

Horror Character#1: Leatherface
Leatherface is a fictional character of famous movie ‘Texas Chainsaw Mascare’ which is all about brutal killing and murders. The character has enjoyed so many fictional series and relative spins-off, maybe we would see more of spined versions in the coming years around Halloweens. Who is leather face and what’s special about his mask? The character is very much involved in killing people for the sole purpose of getting their facial skin to make a beautiful leather mask for his deformed face.When his mask begins to rot, he finds new human beings and kill them to prepare a fresh mask from their skin, it’s interesting? His killing spree is long term, he will do it as long as he needs a nice skinny mask to cover the face.The interesting part of the character is his stitching skills, he takes off the skin from the human’s face and stitches it in a good order to make it wearable.

Horror Character#2: Chucky
I have watched almost all series of The Child’s Play and enjoyed the horror character known by different names such as Chucky, The Lakeshore Strangler, and Charles Lee Ray. This horror fictional character is childish, playful as well as an evil. The soul of Chunky inhibits a good guy doll that perishes in every movie but not from the core, so it comes back again. The purpose of Chucky is to transfer itself in a human body, for he starts a killing spree that never stops. In the end, he never gets successful in transmigrating his soul into human body and comes back again in another doll. The Evil Chucky has got several evil plans to make his mission successful but somehow God never makes it possible for him to accomplish the goal.



Horror Character #3: Freddie Kruger
Freddie Kruger is another fictional horror character. His tattoo design is amongst most famous horror characters’ tattoo designs as his personality is being adored by so many people- he is being favored for his cruel killing style. Freddie normally appears in series of a famous movie called ‘Nightmares on the Elm Street’, which has enjoyed so many years of success as being the best Halloween and scary movie. Freddie Kruger wears a glove arms with grisly razors, sharp enough to slit the throat at one touch. He keeps killing people in their dreams.
Horror Character #4: Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees doesn’t need an introduction, a fictional character who is clearly having psychotic disease and hallucinations. He has appeared in several fictional series of ‘Friday The 13th’ wherein he seems to be controlled by memories of his past where his mother tells him to kill or stalk the victim. He is involved in mass murder massacre in all movies and loves to be known as ‘good boy’ by mother for his devilish act.

Horror Character#5: Pennywise The Clown
The clown’s famous quote is ‘They all float down here’ is very famous amongst kids even if they don’t know what it actually means. The character appeared in Stephen King’s It in 1986 and it has become so much famous since that time. The story is all about the evil clown who kills seven children one by one by exploiting their fears. The movie unleashes several murders the clown has conducted.

Horror Characters #6: Jack Torrance
Jack Torrance is another fictional character portrayed in a famous movie of 1980 ‘The Shining’. It’s one of the remarkable horror movies of all times thus it makes it to be one of the most famous horror characters’ tattoos of all times.  Jack, a frustrated writer, takes a job at Overlook Hotel as a caretaker with an intention to find solace and peace for writing projects, but things turned out to be more bizarre for him and his family. Though the hotel’s manger warns Jack that previous manager killed himself and his family as he had gone mad but that was not of an important historical event for him so he continues to do his job as a care taker. Jack’s son Dan has got some divine power to receive messages from the other world, he begins to change, plunging more into a hysterical conditions. His wife Wendy tells him about Don’s condition but Jack seems to be least concerned about it because he doesn’t want to quit his job, it’s just the matter of time he needs cash to get success and for achieving his goal. His decision eventually makes him to go out of normal-state-of-mind, he is possessed by an evil force, feeling compelled to kill his wife and son. In the end, he died himself because of cold weather and froze to death.

Horror Character#7: Micheal Myers
Micheal Myers, also known as shape, appeared in a Halloween fiction movie ‘Halloween’ which was produced by John Carpenter in 1978.  Micheal is driven by an evil entity who makes him to kill teenagers. As a young boy he killed his younger sister and escape from the home, after few years he returned again and continue killing more innocent people.  He has also been portrayed as a famous Halloween character in novels, books, video games and of course in slasher Halloween movies. Micheal Myers’ tattoo is amongst the most famous horror characters’ tattoo designs of all time.

Horror Character#8: Pinhead
Pinhead is amongst all time’s most created horror characters’ tattoo designs of the world because his personality is articulate, solid and somewhat sculpted. He is a leader of Cenobites and has appeared in several series of Hellraiser- though it is considered that his character is more based on Dracula’s personality and figure but it’s not true. He has got solid body, which is better than many Halloween characters of the century. Pinhead originated and traveled from an extradimensional realm to the earth where he killed and harvested human beings.


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