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There is a new trend for side braid with chignons with the braided tail is loosens to make flowers and other artwork. It requires some effort as well as some time. Today I am sharing one tutorial which will help you understand how to make a side braid  with chignons in an easy way, for practice you need to do this on someone’s hair and see how it turns out. You won’t be able to get it done in the first session so you have got to keep trying until you learn it well.

Just in case you have got lush, long hair which has been braided for the party, here is a side braiding idea for you which will be adored by everyone out there- your friends will definitely ask you how you came across such a wonderful style.

how to make a braid with chignons

Enjoy this tutorial on how to make a side braid with chignons. All the steps are mentioned on there with the illustration, of course first you need to know how many strands of hair should be picked up to make a nice braid and how to keep it going down the tail section.

Steps and Procedures:

  • Just prepare your hair by using a wax or cream because it will bring some moisturizer which is required for the basic styling.  In any braid we create stitches which have to be a bit moisturized or else they turn out to be messy and tacky.
  • Leave some bangs from the front side untouched you might want to have them as a part of the style.
  • Now take two strands from one side and the third strand from the other side. I mean if you have taken two loops from the right side of the head you need to take the third one from the left.
  • Now start braiding by making small and loose stitches in the French braid style.
  • When you are done you will run out of the hair because there are no distance anymore, at this point you need to make a loose fishtail or French tail, it’s up to your choice.
  • Now splash the spray to fix the style in its position.
  • Use an accent if you have one, it will shine in the dark just in case you are going to attend a night party.

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