heart anatomy tattoo idea

You don’t need to take admission in the medicals to get knowledge about your body parts and to learn names of the bones, you can get the info online or by making a tattoo design on body. The human is a complicated creature itself but like any animal it has two major elements inside body known as flesh and blood that depends on each other. For some people out there, human body is nothing but just a machine, so they take less interest in learning what’s inside it and how the system actually works. Like any machine needed fuel to work, human body operates on blood and water, the former one is more important to keep it alive. Just like any machine, human body depreciates and depletes in function and eventually expires one day-this happens when we get old or one or two of our important tools stop operating well. Let’s not get this deep in it and talk on the topic which is internal body part tattoo designs 2014. Maybe it’s not a good idea to show off body parts from inside in the way of inking because not every sensible person keeps such a strong heart to sneak inside it. If your heart is fragile and weak, you will definitely notice your heart thumbing at a fast speed, but that’s just fine.

There are some fellows who are taking keen interest in show body parts’ anatomy by the way of tattoo designs and drawings. The impressive point about such tattoo designs is that they are often inked and created on the part of the body where internal anatomy is subjected for explanation such as skeleton of ribs just on the skin of ribs, on the lower back.
Check out these fantastic images of internal body part tattoo designs 2014 to feel surprised with the talent of humans’ hands they are capable of doing a lot more than just drawing the perfect parts at perfect angles on relevant body areas. Check these body anatomy tattoo idea.
Lumber Vertebrae Skeleton Tattoo designs:
In tattoo designers of lumber vertebrae tattoo designs, the artists normally draw skeletal organs such as bones, discs, lumber, spine discs, bones of pelvic girdle, bones of pectoral girdle, clavicle, ribs and scapula. The actual job is draw the accurate bone on the accurate position of the skin such as rubs should be portrayed right above the ribs and lumber vertebrae should be drawn over the skin of relevant organ, it’s tricky, right?

backbone anatomy tattoo

Muscular Thigh Anatomy tattoo designs 2014:
In all muscular thigh anatomy tattoo designs 2014, the artists show or portray the muscle instead of bones- muscles which are made of flesh, wherein veins carry blood and transport it from heart and then transfer it to the upper body parts and so on. Some muscles you will find in thigh anatomy tattoo designs are as follows:
Glutius maximus
Adductor Magnus
Semitendinosus muscles
Vastus Lateralis and Illiotabial Muscles
Biceps Fermoris muscles
Gracilis muscles
Plantaris muscles
Gastrocnemius muscles
semimembranous muscles

leg anatomy tattoo idea
Hand Skeleton tattoo designs make for the best anatomy tattoo:
In muscular anatomy of human hands you will notice that it not only has a lot of muscles and ligaments but also tendons, arteries,nerves and muscles that help in operation working together. In skeleton anatomy of human’s hand, there are more complicated bones to see, the bones of fingers are called phalanges, we have five long phalanges which are subdivided into distal, middle and proximal phalanges, joined with carpals and metacarpus. The wrist’s bone that support our hands is divided in two bone categories known as ulna and radius.

hand anatomy tattoo idea

The full wrist muscles are exposed in inking.

full arm anatomy tattoo idea

You can see the bones but not muscles here.
human hand anatomy tattoo

Foot Anatomy tattoo design:
Human foot’s anatomy is little bit same with the hand’s anatomy, it contains a lot of tendons, nerves and muscles. The finger bones are called phalanges and metatarsal bones, the joints thought which our fingers’ bones are connected are called Tibia and fibula.

foot and leg anatomy tattoo

One more creative design idea.

foot anatomy tattoo idea

Brain Anatomy tattoo idea

brain anatomy tattoo idea

Facial Muscles exposed in inking

face anatomy tattoo idea for women

Heart can be seen with all ventricular and arteries and veins.

heart anatomy tattoo idea

Some bio mechanical anatomy ideas for you.

cardiovascular anatomy tattoo idea

Can you seen mechanical art inside it?

biomechanic anatomy tattoo

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