Irish Claddagh Rings are true Expression of Love

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You don’t need to be  of Irish ancestor in order to wear a beautiful and meaningful Irish Claddagh ring, which is considered a true symbols of marriage, love, and relationship. The ring dates back to the 17th century and it was attributed with strong meanings by Celts, though many believe that there are some other legends associated with it and it didn’t originate from the Celts of Ireland. There have been so many folklore stories and legends with regards to the meanings and symbols of the Irish Claddagh rings and some of the three stories are as follows:
Irish Claddagh Rings; First Legend
The first, most popular and generally accepted legend about the first Claddagh ring was related to a love story of Richard Joyce and his true love.  Richard was a great fisherman from Galway who was abducted by pirates one day and sold to a Moorish Goldsmith where he started his life as a slave.  While Joyce was imprisoned, he began to take interest in jewelry and learned how to make a piece of ring with two hands clasping the heart and topped with a crown. The Irish Claddagh ring of today, is featuring the very same design, it has two welcoming hands around a heart that symbolizes love and it has a crown on the top, probably signify it as a winner. It may symbolize that love has a power and a heart with pure love will always win. After the accession of Williams III to the throne, all the prisoners were set free and they were allowed to go back to their home towns.  He reunited with his beloved and gifted her the Claddagh ring he made and since that time it became a permanent symbol of true and unconditional love.

The Irish Claddagh Rings; Legend number two
Another legend of the Irish Claddagh Rings gives credit to Margaret Joyce who used to live with his wealthy Spanish husband, but one day he died, leaving his wife at the arms of worldly troubles. She devoted her life to charity work and one day an eagle dropped a ring that had two arms grabbing the heart and a crown on the top in her lap, it became the first Claddagh ring.
In general The Irish Claddagh rings are an embodiment of the phrase which says ‘Let love and friendship reign forever.’ Three most popular meanings attributed with the a Claddagh ring are as follows; two hands mean friendship, the crown means loyalty and the heart means love.
The Irish Claddagh Rings; Legend number three
Most of the people tie the ring with the Christianity and Celtic religious as Celts used to use such adornments for love, expressing relations between holy spirits, to them the rings were of great significance.

The Irish Claddagh rings are considered when they have a hallmark on saying ‘Made in Ireland’, because the real rings are only being manufactured by first or second generation of Irish Jewelers.  Other than having some strong meaning, the ring conveys sentimental messages depending on how it worn on the finger. If the ring is worn on the right hand with the heart pointing the fingertips, it would mean that one is open to love or a relation like this. If the ring is worn on the right hand with the crown facing the fingertip, it means that one is committed and when it worn on the left hand with the crown pointing towards the fingertip it conveys that one is married or is already in a relation. The position of the ring can be changed from time to time.  The ring is also considered an ideal gift besides being a hallmark of love, loyalty and friendship.

















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