Japanese tattoo designs for men

hebi tattoo designs

A man once told an artist that she wants the symbols for wisdom, laughter, courage, and mother etched on her back in ink, to show her incredible strength after years of family violence and homelessness. She then offered the little money she had (which she clearly knew wasn’t enough for the symbols) to the man. The man then gave her back the money in tears telling her that was what tattoo was meant for and he would do it for free. The traditional Japanese tattoo is used to demonstrate the strength to endure the hardship of life as well as physical pain.

The Japanese tattoos are not however for storytelling alone, they could be a credit to your beauty as well. The ancient Japanese art known as Irezumi (an art involved with tattoo decoration using mythical beasts, leafs, flowers, and animals) is a testament to this. The Japanese tattoo has spread beyond their boarders and embraced by people all over the world, so much that it’s difficult to be ignorant of the ink works.

Japanese tattoos usually meant for protection and devotion unlike some religious tattoos of the current time.

Famous Japanese tattoo designs for men are as follow, they have also inspired modern countries like Europe, London and America:

Oni tattoos are the best Japanese tattoo designs for men

It’s often depicted as a rampaging, violent, and cruel beast. This horned demon is arguably the most popular in Japanese artworks.

Blue one looks all right when you don’t want to have red in the inking.

blue oni tattoo men

Here is one transparent one.

japanese oni tattoo idea men

Fu dog: Colorful Japanese tattoo designs for men

The foo dog of Asia is not a dog at all. It’s also commonly known as the lion of Buddha. It’s often seen as protective, strong and courageous.

fu dog tattoo idea

The flowers are making this design special.


grisly fu dog tattoo men

This Fu dog is ferocious and wild with grisly paws.
beautiful fu dog tattoo upper back

Skull: very dark and horrific Japanese tattoos for men

It originally represented great change and celebration of a great life. Nowadays, it’s being used to represent anger, danger, fear or death. Death is an ultimate reality and we know that only few brave people are able to embrace with it.

japanese skull tattoo

It has depth you might want in the design.3d skull tattoo hand

Hannya mask make for interesting Japanese tattoo designs

Originally used to refer to a vengeful and jealous woman in which the demonic looks represent her anger. It was used by Noh actors in their dramas

dark red hannya tattoo

In beautiful color.

Hannya mask tattoo men

It has a scene as well.oni tattoo japense

Show your dark side with snake tattoos

The snake, like the dragon is found in all cultures. In Japanese history, it’s regarded as a supernatural creature with the ability to protect against illnesses, disaster, and ill lucks.Japanese tattoos are increasingly gaining in popularity among women and is quite justified as we cannot continue to shy away from such rich culture.

hebi tattoo designs

Wrapping around the arm in an artistic way.

japanese snake tattoo

In black inking, very cool, isn’t it?

Japanese snake tattoo idea

Snake on the foot.

snake tattoo arm

Poison and death.hebi snake tattoo idea men

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