blue eyeliner style

The most common eyeliners used are black and brown, but why stick to the known. Isn’t it time to venture into the unknown with the advent of new year. Many people regard using colored eyeliner as distasteful. If you follow the tips below you will be able to rock this look.

Amy style green eyelinerDarker Colors

Selecting darker color eyeliner is best this way it doesn’t contrast too much with your look and has a more natural look. Selecting a similar but darker shade of mascara will help you stay away from an overdone look.

Keep it Simple

When using color eyeliner, don’t overdo the rest of your look. Wear a simple hair style, simmered down clothes, and simple make up. It will not only make you look more tasteful, but it will make your colored eyeliner stand out in a chic manner. Going all out will make you look tackier and less adult.

Compliment your Eye Color

Simply choosing a random color, or using the same color as your eye won’t cut it. You need to choose color complements when picking color eyeliner for the best results. If you have green eyes, go for purple or maroon to make your eyes stand out. Purple and rose eyeliner can work for hazel eyes as well, bringing out heir green. Choose a coppery shade to make your blue eyes dazzle. Have brown eyes? No problem. Try dark olive green to complete the look.

Choice of Eye shadow

Going for light washes of eye shadow instead of dark and overdone tones will help you best. Use natural nude shades will work best. If you opt for colored, make the design as simple as possible.

Use of gold under flick:

As you can there is small gold flick under the main one, this works as a highlighter. If you intend to do your own makeup for night parties this trick will come handy. Your eyes will glow at night.

glitter eyeliner blue eyes

Making smokey eyes using colored eyeliner:

Just like a black liner you can use colored one on both upper and lower eyelids.

blue eyeliner for blue eyes

Black over purple liner:

This trick works good for light shades like bronze, brown, pinks and blues.

glossy purple eyeliner

Fully sparkled green liner:

If you are used to applying thick eyeliner this liner style will help you get your eyes more noticeable.
green eyeliner for parties

Neon is still in trend, this yellow tone will be good for fair skinned girls during summer.

neon yellow eyeliner summer

Golden over black:

This contrast is extraordinary, your eyes get a special appeal without your having to apply the base shade first.

neutral golden eyeliner

Fish skin liner:

This eyeliner makes special scales when it dries out. You can see the pattern of scales easily and it is looking amazing.

opaque eyeliner trends

Matching linger:

What you can do to make a constrast is that you apply the matching shades over the eyes, like fuchsia over the pink and jade over the light green and so on.

pink eyeliner in trend

Candy dot eyeliner in colors:

To make this style you need to have at least four or five liners in hands, make small dots, you will get something like this.
sparkly glittery eyeliner

Three toned liner:
three tones eyeliner trend

Vibrant blue with dark outline:

blue eyeliner style

What we do when we apply lipstick, we highlight the lips with dark line and then fill it with the lighter tone, the same ideology is working in this style.


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