Katie Holmes Hairstyles are Magical Like her eyes

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They say it and they believe it that Katie Holmes has got a magic in her eyes, the way she looks and glares can make any crazy. Not only she is very seductive in her appearance but also glamorous, especially her bangs that cover the face in a divine manner. I can even talk about Katie Holmes hairstyles for several hours as she just amazed the world by showing different variations of hair that a celebrity can possibly try or play with.

The Great Pixie Covering Forehead

Katie Holmes short haircut

Outstanding Pulled Hairstyle

Katie Holmes nice updo

Beautiful Curly Style

Katie Holmes regular curls

The front Pompadour Updo

Katie Holmes party high do

She achieved the tag for one of the timeless and most beautiful models of the all time and if you ask me whether she is good enough for runways I would nod my head in ‘yes’, she is still perfect to present and promote major makeup products and women wears only if you could value her work. Though Katie Holmes is getting older now but it does not mean she is going out of shape or beauty in any way, she is still as remarkable as she was in her 20s or 30s. This article is about her Katie Holmes hairstyles, the reason why I have chosen to write on her styles are because they are a big inspiration for me. She tried teaching her followers that the fashion is not just about copying someone’s signature haircut it’s more about carrying the one that suits your face and face structure. She first appeared on the television in 1998, since that time period she has become a central part of all fashion gossips.

The Sassy Fringe

Katie Holmes fringes

Center Parted Fringe cut

Katie Holmes chopped hairThe Magical Curls
Katie Holmes loose waves

Red Brown Razor CUT

Katie Holmes brown red chopped hair

Katie Noelle Holmes has turned 35 this year yet she doesn’t have much wrinkle, the credit should be given to her active and healthy lifestyle as well as the diet plan. She used to be Tom Cruise’s girl once but the guy couldn’t stay just with one lady, he wasn’t kind of one woman man so he kept changing his choice from one model to another and from celebrity to another and he has been giving nice headlines for the secret affairs to the magazine.

Short length or medium length cuts are more prominent styles and I must say she looks like an electrical woman with a phenomenal look when she wears chopped bob cut, I don’t know why but razor cut suits the lady too much- you cannot describe how perfect she looks when she comes on stage in short, shaggy hair.

There are more Katie Holmes hairstyles that we can talk about in details but let’s just review some of the haircuts that got her known and praised in the fashion world.








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