Katy Perry Hairstyles! Which one is the best?

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Katy Perry Hairstyles are inspired by or from someone else, for instance she donned The Muppet haircut once long ago that was inspired by The Muppets. She keeps changing the hair, she debuts pink, purple, orange and many other colors whenever she feels for it.

She’s been a big challenge herself for her competitors as well as for those who are known for their fashion in the states. For instance, Nicki Minaj is her friend yet if you compare the both singers, you’ll discover that there seems to be a war going between for getting more fashionable in every way, nail art designs and hairstyles. For Katy Perry Hairstyles I would say that they are not simple. You can try to make your hair a replica of hers hair but you cannot get the cuts the same way she gets because she has super professional hairstylists that are charging her thousands of dollars for giving her unique haircuts and unique hair shades.

The internet is full of Katy Perry hairstyles and their images so you are definitely going to find plenty of them. I just want you to take a look at the best ones that made her outstanding.

Katy Perry in black hairstyles:

I will be honest with you completely, I personally believe that some people are better when they are natural. Having been tried so many color on my hair in the recent decade I have come to the conclusion to that you are praised when you are less artificial. The same rule of naturalism does not apply on famous models or actresses or singers because they are known for their fashion and it’s a kind of necessity to dye hair in colors, wear bold hues in clothing and support so many contacts to match the outfits.

Here is one fringe cut I have admired always, this is so perfect. She is wearing kind of different contacts to complete the look, even though there is a lot of caking on the skin she looks amazing.

Katy perry black fringes

The most favorite of all Katy Perry hairstyles is one with colored extensions and it is obviously the one I have attacked with this description. She is looking so perfect that it’s difficult to take your eyes off of her face. The make up is done wisely without  use of red or black and the hair is curled nicely and smoothly according to facial frame.

Katy perry hair extensions

Never mind, this beauty is very much into vintage apparel, haircuts and makeup. Her fans don’t mind when she comes up supporting big curls or retro rolls, amazingly when she support an old makeover she becomes a part of old times. Try turning her image into black and white and you will see a difference.

Katy perry short hair


Katy’s messy curls black

I am not saying that these curls are done very neatly, the messiness is not letting us down for the fact that it’s a part of regular or casual fashion these days. No need to show yourself a highly tidy in fashion while everyone loves and enjoy your clumsiness.

Katy perry short hairstyles

Classic violet top updo

This literally had me my jaw dropped when I first saw it. There is a kind of glossy tinge to the hairstyle and it must not be credit to any cream or pomade, it’s coming from her natural hair texture.

Katy perry high updo

Long, Long, lush bangs

She is just perfect in it with cool, long, lush bangs which are black, natural and awesome.

Katy perry straight bangs

Support the nice retro curls lady

Here is she wearing cool less tight curls which are giving a perfect model-like appearance to her. When you wear black hair make sure to keep your makeup in the right tone because it does affect your persona in many different ways.

Katy perry side curls

Black medium layers and Katy

Cool and awesome, she is amazing with black layers because her face is oval.
Katy perry side bangs and fringes

Katy Perry in magical pink updo

It seems that pinks and pastels have become a staple hair dye in the recent decades because I am seeing teenagers and many young girls supporting it with much confidence. Katy’s love for color is infinite so we must be ready to see more of transformations this year and years to come.

Katy perry pink updo

Cute blonde and pink combination;She is rocking

Katy perry pink stacked bob cut

It’s a lilac kind of pink, looking cute on her face. The flowers have added more value and language to the style.
Katy perry short retro bob cut

Katy’s try on violet and black

It’s wasn’t bad at all. The combination was kind of weird and uncommon but overall it was nice, especially on her facial structure and complexion.

Katy perry fringes and curls

Blue bob and Lovely gloss

When you get a nice stacked bob done this year,  Katy wants you to consider changing the color for a quick transformation, people will praise you for sure.

Katy perry blue bob cut

Green on black

The use of extensions can make a nice impact on the hairstyle of course.

Katy perry green hairstyle

This is one of my favorite hairstyles of Katy Perry, she looks fresh like blossomed flowers because the color is assuaged her makeup quite nicely.
Katy perry violet hairstyles

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